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Hearthstone - Featured Deck: Hostbat Rogue


I’m finally caught up with deck lists that I’ve been wanting to share with you guys! Today is the last one from my “older” batch from before we had webcam/PC malfunctions. 46 more words


The Forgotten Tale of Oscurio Dathell

If you haven’t read parts I and II, it’s fairly important that you do. Again, fair warning, the content  is definitely heavier than previous stories. 1,756 more words


The Forgotten Tale of Oscurio Dathell

So, characters in D&D are given what’s called an “alignment” to help PC’s stay true to how their character should act. It puts on paper and helps quantify choices and actions your character makes. 2,082 more words


The Life to Date of Nightveil Shroud

This one is probably the most difficult I’ve written. I think the writing went well…but too well. The character, Nightveil Shroud, was a psychopath. Not the “mass murderer” definition that television will have you believe is the only definition, but the literal, clinical description, meaning that the person relates so little to the human condition, that it’s almost as if they lack something on a fundamental moral, spiritual, and humane level (the word “psychopath” coming from the Greek “without soul”). 2,194 more words


Do you like my curve? New Arena Record, Day 12.

So for a while now I have been having really bad runs in the arena, probably due to lack of experience and being too fixated on using pre-made card ranking charts and choosing blindly like I mentioned… 269 more words

501 Crossfit | Fitness Shoot

I started working out at the Athletic Club last January. Ever since seeing the 501 athletes work out I had been very skeptical about trying Crossfit. 67 more words

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