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Iteratively Modifying a Function in C

I’m trying to create a numerical root finder in C, to find the zeros of Bessel Functions. Mathematical functions, F(x), can be deflated, by dividing the function by (x-x0), where x0 is a known root. 169 more words


Edoras (English)

October 10th

Edoras, the capital of Rohan, Land of the Horse Lords.
A lonely mountain, set in a vast valley, a winding river flowing past, the Golden Hall on top visible from afar and the snow covered peaks of the White Mountains in the distance. 1,296 more words



10. Oktober

Edoras, die Hauptstadt Rohans, Land der Pferdeherren.
Ein einsamer Berg inmitten einer Ebene durch die sich Flüsse winden, am höchsten Punkt die Goldene Halle der Könige, im Hintergrund die mächtigen Gipfel der Weißen Berge. 1,190 more words


The Odor

by Rohan Raghavan

It has taken me perhaps 6 years to understand what it really is. I’m sure I always knew – maybe it was the proximity, the availability, or just straight delusion that prevented me. 650 more words


Rohan in beweging - Rohan in motion


Rohan loopt als een kieviet, en klautert overal bovenop. Hij was niet snel met beginnen met lopen (ongeveer 16 maanden), maar hij gaat nu als een speer! 167 more words


A stark suit for the winter-lands

My hunter has been in the cold wastelands of Wildermore and found her woodland greens inappropriate (and not warm enough!). Here’s her get-up for the cold, now barren lands on Rohan’s outskirts. 196 more words