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Celebrimbor's Secret: Events Review

Celebrimbor’s Secret provides an embarrassment of riches to players, with a meta-changing hero and an amazingly strong set of allies and attachments. However, such abundant wealth means that something has to give somewhere along the way, and this is why there is only a single event to review from this pack. 1,823 more words


Can I push changes of one repository to another in Git?

I am working on a project currently and my employer has given me write access to the main repository of the project where he merged the repository in which I was working I think. 78 more words

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Lord of the Rings - Campaign rules


Anybody know of some good campaign rules for Lotr figures, after seeing the new film I feel like starting up a decent campaign.


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The Parade

The Mannequin I have become,
whiskered when they please,
artificial tassles gather around my stride,
misspelled lyrics numbed into marquees,
freedom floats in fun,
fertile minds beating down reason, 63 more words

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STB remote in android

I am trying this for a day now .I am not able to crack it .
I want the circular image to be in centre. I have tried all the possible ways to do it… 746 more words

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what is the difference between _, __ and __abc__ in python

I know Python does not have any actual private methods but if someone declare a method with _ or __ at the beginning that method should not be accessed from outside of the API or overridden by a subclass. 49 more words

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Laravel application language change?

I have recently developed and application in Laravel for a German client. Now the client wishes to know if the application can viewed in German instead of English. 52 more words

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