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Runemaster, Lorekeeper

Lord of the rings online

As one famous musical said – “trying everything new”. Stormsong tried new Rohan part. She is in a bit risky position – after all, not all Wildermore is finished, not all deeds done, Kindred with evil survivors of WIldermore not reached. 490 more words

java.util.ConcurrentModificationException But I am not removing

My below recursive function throws a ConcurrentModificationException on the ‘continue’ statement. I looked at a few posts on ConcurrentModificationException and all of the problems seem to be with removing an element from an element, but I am not removing any element in my function. 164 more words

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Théoden Ednew "The Renewed"

Théoden Ednew was the only son of Thengel, and was the seventeenth king of Rohan. His grandfather, Fengel, had a bad reputation of being an unpleasant person, especially with children, and thus Thengel chose to grow up in Gondor, where he had much renown and praise. 983 more words


Am I using the wrong standard for JSON response?

I am new to Angular and I am trying to build a simple todo application using it. I have designed a module called TodoServices in which I am creating a User service using the factory method. 130 more words

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The Magic of Disney, The Magic of Love

I grew up in a relatively poor family who could not even afford to dream to go to Disneyland. Later, when I was working on a cruise ship and have already traveled, Hongkong Disneyland opened and suddenly, to get to Disney became feasible. 687 more words


Greyton Transition Town

We spent a wonderful couple of days in Greyton at the home of my dear friend Rohan Millson. I used to live in Greyton so I felt sentimental about leaving the Western Cape via this special little town. 335 more words