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Marketing 101: ¿Cómo convencer a nuestros clientes que apuesten por nosotros en las Redes Sociales?

Son muchos los fotógrafos y artistas que sueñan con conseguir unas redes sociales tan populares, que las marcas y los clientes apuesten por ellos en la promoción de sus productos y campañas. 871 more words


Never Stop Learning......

On Tuesday I had one of the best days I have had for a long time, exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

For a long time I have had problems placing figures in my paintings, I know the proportions and physiology of the human form and perspective, but I struggle with making the figures looking as tho’ they belong naturally in the composition, unless they are the subject of the painting; looking at many others painting’s I am not alone. 481 more words

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Is PR Dead?

Guest Blog by Vera Dragovic

At the time when I was beginning to make my living by speaking on behalf of organizations, a lecturer at one of the courses in PR gave the group the following “simple” definition: “the difference between PR and marketing is that PR is the art of marketing without having to pay for it.” 327 more words

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StorageShort: Performance of a Cache Miss

One of the most common questions we get asked by customers considering a hybrid arrays is “What is my performance going to look like if there is a cache miss and data has to come from the hard drive tier”. 64 more words

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Avoidable Pitfalls of Cheap Websites

A professionally programmed website with a unique and clever design is neither practical or within the budget of most Australian businesses. For many all that’s required is a clean, informative and helpful space for potential clients online. 607 more words


Giving Necessary Boost to ROI with Innovation in Digital World

The prime goal for any organization in the world seeking escalating progression is to increase its Return on Investment and in order to achieve this; … 262 more words

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Paying It Forward

The cost of distributing a branded giveaway can only be justified if there is a measurable ROI.  Questions that should be asked and answered range from the cost-per-impression of the item to the length of time a recipient keeps the product, and even what happens to the gift once the customer discards it.   323 more words

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