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HMO’s produce a higher ROI on property investment than the normal lettings market, but they require a different approach to management and are more hassle than the average tenants. 143 more words

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Knowledge vs. Information

Guest Blog by Vera Dragovic

Modern society too often equates ”knowledge” with ”having the information” somewhere, most commonly in an electronic format.

With the expansion of the Google search engine and Wikipedia inter alia, we seem to be getting used to being content with knowing where to find information quickly and giving up on the need to memorize (especially for the long-term) too much new information, with the exception of content needed for everyday survival, i.e., ”functioning” in our hi-tech society. 374 more words

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The Social Media Ripple Effect of Influence

The influence that brand activity on social media has on purchase intent is a hotly discussed topic, and for good reason.

For many organizations, a direct correlation between social media activity and sales is difficult to prove. 727 more words

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Tough Love in the Real Estate Market

If you are in a Management position, a Parent, a Teacher, a Coach, or a Real Estate Consultant then you are definitely familiar with the term “Tough Love”.   416 more words

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Landlords Calculate the Yield on Your Rentals

Property mostly performs better than other investments, but it is long term 10-20 years.

Do you know what the annual return on your investment (ROI) is on your properties? 64 more words


ROI is a popular shorthand for ‘Return Of Investment’. This word is most usually used by people engaged in businesses and the like. Though not involved in business and economics, I am very ROI-minded. 415 more words

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Food at work works. Here's proof.

Before the holidays, Entrepreneur shared an infographic we put together from a consumer survey we conducted earlier in the 2014. In case you missed it, here’s the infographic we’re talking about: 291 more words

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