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Good Leadership is Not About Being Right

“Being right means nothing unless you’re the one that holds the cards.” That is what a great boss once told me. He learned that after being fired from a prestigious law firm after arguing with his boss over who was right. 617 more words

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ContraRisk Security Podcast 0024: A return on your security investment

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Can we really talk a Return On Investment (ROI) with information security? Most people view security as a kind of insurance policy – you pay out, year after year, and if you do it right, you never have to claim. 234 more words


Looking Ahead with Dynamics SL 2015

The major release schedule for most Dynamics products tends to be 2-3 years. This puts the Microsoft Dynamics SL product line up for a new release by the end of the year, when Dynamics SL 2015 is expected to launch. 347 more words


¿Por qué hay tanto entusiasmo por el Content Marketing?

El Content Marketing es una potente herramienta a disposición de las marcas para crear conversaciones con sus clientes. Es un gran caso de éxito de la industria de marketing global. 204 more words

When Is the Right Time to Install Paperless Manufacturing?

Too often, the benefits and ROI of shop floor improvement projects are lost as projects are delayed or postponed.  Learn how to maximize your benefit and discover the best time to install your system. 610 more words


Delivering What Senior Management Want

Under increasing pressure to prove that every dollar of their budget has been well spent, online metrics, such as page views and open rates, have become the marketer’s best friend and are regularly delivered in meetings as ‘proof’ of digital campaign success. 335 more words

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Estimating Gross Market Return for Life Settlements: Are your calculations correct?

The recently published ELSA paper on estimating gross returns is another refreshing step in the right direction of bringing uniformity of methodologies and expectations in assessing the emerging Life Settlement Asset class. 1,171 more words

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