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Scrum - Parts III (Roles and Responsibilities)

Unlike any traditional development methodologies, The role of a Project Manager is handled by three different roles, which are the Product Owner, Scrum Master and the team which consists of Quality Analysts and Developers. 274 more words


The Naked Truth. RPA & USA Today's unadulterated look at the client & agency relationship

Rubin Postaer and Associates (RPA), an independent advertising agency from California, has teamed up with USA Today to carry out an anonymous online survey about the client-agency relationship. 139 more words


Blow your horn, not your savings

The Honeycomb: useless brainfood?

The Honeycomb, known by some as the Harmonic Table, maps notes on a hexagonal grid along three axes: fifths, major thirds and minor thirds. 793 more words

Christmas Advertising Advice

As we get nearer to the holiday season, most businesses will see an uptick in the number of ‘opportunities’ suddenly available to advertise. With professional marketing advice often to expensive to consider, it often falls back on trusting the Sales Rep. 482 more words


Time Is King

In a 2013 article in the McKinsey Quarterly, entitled ‘Making time management the organization’s priority‘,  authors Frankki Bevins and Aaron De Smet surveyed 1500 executive leaders around the globe, and found that only 9% considered themselves ‘very satisfied’ with their time management. 90 more words


Converged vs Hyperconverged Infrastructure

IT organizations are increasingly coming under pressure to deliver business application services with the same speed and agility as their public cloud counterparts. The bottom line is if IT can’t be responsive to the needs of the business, they may attempt to supplant internal IT with external providers. 438 more words


What's your return on investment?

Change efforts can involve great investment of both time and money. When I’ve talked to Board members and business leaders about some of our system’s efforts to develop leaders, I have often been asked the question: What is your return on investment? 286 more words

Change And Transition