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Sometimes there is no alternative for the written word

In some cases there is no alternative for the written word. And for one of my clients who represents many businesses in a defined area, this is the approach I took based on previous experience with a particular kind of product. 145 more words

Social Media

Hulu Plus brings a new user experience to Roku (BetaNews)

Hulu is the big third player in the online video space, competing with Netflix and Amazon Prime. All of these services, and many more “channels” are part of the… 7 more words

Digital Entertainment Marketing

Tuesday Trends: Ditching Cable Television

Let me just start by saying that going cable-free is not for the faint of heart. Yes, there is lots of content out there that you can stream via your… 566 more words

Cutting the Cord (Part II)

The numbers don’t lie: more and more folks are canceling their cable / FIOs / satellite services. As the above chart so notes (http://techgage.com/news/cord-cutting-not-slowing-down-decline-of-cable-tv-subscribers-continues/ 871 more words

Slingbox M1 Review: Is the Slingbox Still Relevant?

Up until a week and a half ago, I had never used a Slingbox. And after testing the newest model, I’m not convinced I need one. 1,114 more words


Qplay streaming service to shut down July 25

Qplay debuted earlier this year looking to address the problem of streaming short-form videos to your TV set or mobile device by delivering constant, curated video streams, whether it was to one of its own streaming devices or to the Chromecast. 39 more words


A Peek Into The Mind Of An Insomniac


It’s just about 5am and it’s decision time. This is usually the point where I figure out if it will be better to keep trying to sleep or just give up and stay up. 384 more words