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Netflix on Roku--A Bit of a Mixed Bag

It wasn’t necessarily my intentions to make Netflix my first Roku channel review. I said in my first post that nearly everyone interested in the Roku will already have Netflix. 1,153 more words


Prep for all things "Streamable"

It is no secret that Netflix is basically everyone’s favorite past time. And if you haven’t jumped on board, you are seriously missing out. And if you think that is where the greatness ends, you are oh so wrong. 438 more words


Beginning Ramblings, the Roku, and a Craving for Pizza.

I’d never heard of the Roku prior to some fiend on Facebook sharing a link to a Woot.com deal of the day for the Roku 2. 1,256 more words


Roku TV: A Smart TV That Helps You Cut Out Cable

At the heart of the problem: Most TVs are dumb. That applies even to many recent “smart” ones, which tout bells and whistles like 3-D, scrolling tweets and cameras that turn our bodies into remote controls. 77 more words

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Roku HDMI Streaming Stick Review

Just recently my parents got a Viewsonic HDTV that I help set up for their entertainment needs, and the only thing they had at the time was the original Nintendo Wii, and even that was only good for two things, watching stuff on Netflix (even though the app itself was buggy as hell), and distracting my little brother with its library of games (which we don’t have much of at the moment). 1,017 more words


When Is Enough, Enough?

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”….Unknown (Often incorrectly attributed to Albert Einstein)

Back in the mid ’90’s, as my daughter rapidly approached her teen years, I was elated to see that she was developing a voracious appetite for reading. 672 more words


Special Tacky Husband Saturday Review: The Roku 3

Recently, we decided to cut the cord. DirecTV, that is, and moved to an internet only household. For a tech geek, like me, this was not a problem. 1,144 more words