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2012 the Movie: Mediation and Industry context


 When Hollywood mixes cataclysm with big budget special effects in a film, it is already anticipated to be an example of the event movie. With well-known movie stars like John Cusack and Danny Glover as well as a disaster film director like Roland Emmerich thrown into the picture, Columbia pictures expected and certainly accomplished making big money off of the film 2012. 1,351 more words

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In Case You Had the Misfortune of Watching This...

For those not into bad dramas or vampires, the HBO seriesTrue Blood had its grand finale Sunday night. For the first two seasons it was a silly but entertaining. 326 more words


If you’re looking to top up your DVD collection or buy someone a gift this week, you can now buy Transcendence, Locke and Hell which are now all yours available to own. 

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White House Down ☆☆☆½

Story: Off-duty Capitol Hill cop Channing Tatum takes politics obsessed daughter for tour of White House. Jamie Foxx, the President, is targeted by unknown terrorists inside the White House. 164 more words

film: stargate

This review was originally published on Filmophilia on 20 March 2012. It has been edited for spelling.

Stargate was something of a hit when it came out in 1994, nearly 18 years ago. 401 more words



Director of Photography: Karl Walter Lindenlaub

Director: Roland Emmerich

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Second Chance: The Day After Tomorrow

Unlike other entries in this series, The Day After Tomorrow isn’t particularly reviled; it grossed over $500 million and doesn’t fare terribly on either IMDB (rating: 6.4) or score aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes (critic rating: 45%). 1,113 more words