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The Shakespeare Code

I don’t think I’ll ever be accused of not having enough strange books in my library, but over the weekend, I picked up a battered copy of one of the most curious of them all: the first and only edition of… 869 more words


Kaiju vs Monster: the purpose of Godzilla

Godzilla has been a global superstar for decades, so it’s appropriate that he has separate lives in different markets. Like all those American stars who do advertisements for megabucks on Japanese TV on condition they never appear back home to impact their image, Godzilla has licensed himself to US moviemaking, first with the widely panned but  lucrative 1998 version by Roland Emmerich, and more recently with Gareth Edwards’ version, where he became a supersize monster for a big picture of a big city. 425 more words


Flashback Friday-It's The End Of The World As We Know It- Independence Day (1996) & The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Director Roland Emmerich likes to destroy the world, at least on screen.

In Independence Day (1996), it is two days before July 4th. Communication systems around the world are failing for what seems to be no reason. 278 more words

Movie Review

The day man could control weather arrives in 2016 with 'Geostorm'...

Posted by: Anthony Wallace

Looks like scientists have found a way to control the earth’s climate to our benefit. However, when things go awry, like they usually do, disaster strikes. 234 more words

News And Updates

There Will Now Be Only One New Independence Day Sequel.

As reported earlier this year director Roland Emmerich announced that there would be at least two Independence Day sequels, which would be straight follow-ups to his original 1996 blockbuster. 222 more words

Sequel Stuff

Here's Why Fox Doesn't Want To Film The 'Independence Day' Sequels Back-To-Back

With all the excitement about FOX finally approving the Independence Day sequel, a significant change to the plan was lost among all the Thanksgiving turkey and Will Smith lamentations. 214 more words