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Helping professionals appreciate the realities of dementia home care

I started sharing my experiences and thoughts on dementia and care online over six years ago. Even back then, I considered awareness to be the key component–that included informing the general public and persons handling services about dementia and related care. 1,315 more words

Musings Of A Caregiver

The Role of an Internist

After earning his medical degree at the SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine, Dr. John Lupiano completed his residency in internal medicine at the New York Hospital. 163 more words

John Lupiano

Bullying - #1

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.
Maya Angelou

Bullying has always been a delicate subject at schools. 272 more words

Think About It

Mastering as Game Master: Efficient Combat Timeframe Episode.002

Leaping off of the balcony, the beast of a man brings his enormous morningstar down upon the knight’s shield, shattering it into hundreds of metal fragments that shoot through the air.

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Role Playing Games

The Role of Reverse Osmosis Membranes in Efficient Wastewater Treatment

Reverse osmosis (RO) is the process of separation of molecules from water using a semi-permeable membrane. This technology is used in various desalination industries today to produce clean, potable water through an effective reverse osmosis membrane and leave behind impurities like salt, dirt, collected minerals, and even certain chemicals. 52 more words