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Walk on Hell.

“Never forget:
we walk on hell,
gazing at flowers.”
― Kobayashi Issa

So, minor white lie — I shall be featuring the rest of Peqe’s Spoopy outfit in my…

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Dancing With Fire

This story is one of a few ‘unique’ stories. Years ago, I would roleplay on my Warcraft guild’s forums, with some friends. I decided to pull a few that were centered around Mun’tasi, my troll, and smooth them out a bit. 928 more words



It was late at night, a lot later than Jake expected it would be, and yet he was surprised to find Crys still waiting where she had asked him to meet her for their talk… An odd choice of location it was, the city graveyard, but it did make sense; at this late hour it was empty and easy to see and hear anyone’s approach at a considerable distance. 3,668 more words


Never the Same

The end.

Those were the words that were supposed to come after the ending of a good story, the words that signaled that ‘happily ever after’ had already happened. 1,197 more words


Leto . Armor Pauldron 001 (Unlimited)

Leto . Armor . Pauldron 001

495L . Unlimited copies available.

This item is available both on Marketplace and in the Main Store.

Please try a DEMO before purchase… 280 more words

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