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Game Art Signatures - An RP'er Forum Essential

I have created gamers signature for the last few years, mixing game art assets and my own work. Its a fun and interesting pass time, working with the players to create for them a signature which reflect their online or game persona. 17 more words

Hello Mary Sue: Intro Guide to Roleplay

…I remember my first day giving roleplay a try. I was twelve years old, bright and imaginative, and truly thought that the character I chalked up was the best thing in the world. 1,349 more words



a roleplay isn’t just something geek’s do when there bored..  it a way to live out you fake identity to be another charitor its like improv but with writing..and know acting skill at all! 60 more words

Weston Petrikov

Hello world… My name is Weston Petrikov… I don’t know who may be reading this.. but I am in terrible danger. If you shy away from said danger… If you can’t stand the sight of blood and gore.. 11 more words

Adventure Time

Thinking about writing and the struggles I face.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve wanted to be a writer. When I was a little girl, I would write stories all the time. Stories about kids overcoming foes, stories about magic bubble gum, this long thing I wrote as a teenager about the sandman kidnapping children. 349 more words

Wands Gatcha

Visit our new main store on Second Life for these wand props in a gatcha machine for only L$50/play. Pay the machine and get a random wand to hold in your avatar’s hand. 8 more words

Second Life

What else is there?

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.”  ~Isaac Asimov

I sometimes wish I’d died that day.  But I didn’t.  My Aunt and I both went on, but how does one go back to their normal life after seeing something like that?  213 more words