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BURIED - A new MadPea Adventure

Tomorrow, 1 february, a brand new grid-wide hunt/adventure produced by MadPea will start and from what I have seen of it, it will be more than awesome. 211 more words


Convergence: The Lost City


ごった煮感のあるロールプレイエリアにお邪魔しました。Convergence: The Lost Cityです。 7 more words


The role-play of jealousy!

Jealousy is a very strong emotion. It plays different roles at different times. One day you could be jealous of an poor person seeing how they enjoy their life and another day you could be jealous of a rich person seeing how they they spend money so carelessly. 323 more words


Limits & Sin Tracker

I just had the most LAME conversation in the SIN Tracker group in Second Life.

AliceHoneymoon Resident: who cares about my preference you kidnap me i have nothing to say ;P… 1,464 more words


Fashion Tile: Brackley Meadows Visitor

My dear friend Fay and her partner Alex have opened up a family friendly sim on Second Life for roleplay and hanging out, it has been their keen project for a while. 167 more words

Second Life

Overcoming Significant Challenges

Jason worked in Events, a job which he really loved and he was also a drummer in a band which fulfilled his passion in music. He was married with two young daughters and life was pretty good. 667 more words


Swipe the Jaw Off

It sounded like a tribal drum inside the worgen’s mind.  With each beat, the voices of those around her rose and fell in volume.  She couldn’t have been more than a few feet away from the group, but the pounding in Silentsong’s head muffled the low noise around her. 806 more words