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The Quest : A Competitive Fantasy Reality Show

If any of you follow me on Twitter [@JabberwockyLady] you may have noticed that I went a little crazy with this show called The Quest… 795 more words

TV & Movie Reviews

Why PG can be annoying and how to deal with it

Like I said already some times: I don’t particularly hate power-gamers or power-gaming (PG) in general. But sometimes they can be a very strenuous experience. Every time I read the forums, I see some hate/annoyance/arguing between ‘PGers’ and ‘PG-haters’, threads about how to optimize and posts about how power-gaming is fucking everything up. 2,355 more words


Epic Experience: Whipped

Down a player for the night, but no worries since her character died last week I can hold off on introducing her new one. The party gets a bit faster at handling ship actions. 1,170 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Finding Roleplay

When I was playing as Dear in BTB sims, I took roleplay when it happened. Sometimes there would be none, and I would wish something would happen. 509 more words


True Morrowind Experience

Ever since my very first Morrowind character, barbarian nord armed with axe, got killed on his first quest by couple of rats, I knew this will be my favorite game ever. 1,931 more words

Elder Scrolls

The Dead Man's Road

Tombstone, Arizona

The sun rides low, heading for the far side of the world. With shadows running long, Abigail Yates and Doc Holloway stride into the town of Tombstone. 2,654 more words


Call Me Massie: Trust & Insecurity, Part 2

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”
― George MacDonald

Light slowly began to creep through the my curtains. I had been awake almost an hour and couldn’t fall back asleep. 877 more words

Call Me Massie