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Flamberge Sprites

This is my attempt at creating a Flamberge, a beautiful blade. Considering the detail of the undulations in the blade, I consider this a good attempt, at least for my skill in spriting. 36 more words


Writings, warhammer 40,000 role play part 5

So, yet another batch of role play posts

Lorenzo was in a bad way, Palgrys could see that even without his apothecary experience.
The countless breaks and cuts from fighting the carnifex were bad enough, the lost hand an issue, but nothing I’m comparison to the hole burnt through his chest. 767 more words


Spriting Weaponry

This was my attempt to sprite a few things for my character in Eternia. First time I’ve done spriting since I dabbled in RPG Maker Ace. 8 more words


Another day in SL

I went online Second Life hoping i would meet some interesting people there, but as usual people are in their naughty box or just looking at other people’s profiles having a virtual sex fantasy. 326 more words



I am looking for flirty girls for erotic chat. To give this blog a sexy story. Any ladies interested leave a comment below. 



A Lady's Pretend Time

My newest article posted on The Well Written Woman today:

In my bio blurb below, it notes that I am a wife, mother, writer, and reader, and this is all true. 1,143 more words


Will's Roleplay Scenario #1! Game of Thrones

Yes, I know the header image has been used before. I will start using original header images I’ve downloaded on my computer once its fixed and I can stop typing these things out on my phone (thanks again, Bestbuy. 394 more words

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