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Exploring the Lore of Azeroth, One Zone at a Time.

After tinkering with the idea of making a blog, I wasn’t surprised that World of Warcraft was near the top of my list of potential topics. 600 more words

Azeroth Lore

The Bravo Trip

This story is based on the events of a Dystopia Rising event, put out by the amazing Eschaton Media. If you haven’t checked them out already, you should. 1,776 more words


Maxi 1

Maxi sighed as he slid his wallet back into his ass-pocket. The tab was paid, he just had to collect his cowboy, but when he turned around from the bar, Nikki still wasn’t back from the bathroom or if he’d come out, he’d gotten distracted as tends to happen. 587 more words


Weekly Awards

There’s a lot of negativity in GE, and I dislike that. I try to just tease people in a friendly way, not a hurtful way. I hope I have succeeded with that. 880 more words


Essence and Luckas Meet Again: Part 4

Shadows Of The Forgotten…

Continuing the same scene…we get an unexpected visitor. All rights to Ari are credited to a an amazing, fellow writer, Nibblesnbits (her Screen name). 4,447 more words

A Bit Of Inspiration

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Next part of our scene. Luckas was a bit of a jerk to Ari there for no reason. And I really enjoyed writing that. >.> Comments and likes, as I always say, should go on Sarah's blog. ^^ "Heeey... I did try to help." No one said you didn't, Lukey, just that you were a bit of an ass. "Well, she interrupted and I wanted to go out and play... It had been a while for me damn it." *groans* Alright, alright, fair enough. lol B.B

Stagnation is what is Killing Gor

You breathe in deeply; the air chokes you with its small hands reaching down your throat. The air lingers stale and oppressive, so you open the window. 1,233 more words