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Dungeon Mastery-Romps

Several months ago at a conference, Robert Defendi, maker of Echoes of Heaven, introduced me to the idea of “romps” in table top RPG modules and games. 526 more words


Infiltrating Jorgenfist IV

Chapter 4 continued. Session date: Friday 11 July

Characters present: Ciaran, Cecil, Nova, Oparal, Nu, Igg

After their encounter with the golem and the strange fiery monster, the heroes paused to recover their wounds. 555 more words


Magic in the Old Crown: A quick overview of how it fits together

Here are a quick few thoughts on how magic is now working in the setting. I’m not throwing rules in with this yet, as I’m still working some of them out. 823 more words


Naming Nations

Alright, so we’ve talked a bit about suffixes, but sometimes it’s more about naming the nations themselves. There’s too many ‘Caradastria’s and ‘Albironia’s in the fantasy realm. 697 more words


L5R 4E Topaz Championship session 2

For part one, see here.

We started the session a little late, owing to using the gang to move some boxes over to my new house before we began. 562 more words


D&D Next, Before, Now, Then, Which is it? I reflect

I recently had the luxury of getting to play the new 5th Edition starter set for D&D. Is it really fair to call it fifth edition? 426 more words


Why We Play: Steve Diamond

Why we play is an ongoing series of posts from guest authors regarding their love affair with roleplaying and games.

Steve Diamond is the brains behind the twice Hugo-nominated blog… 954 more words