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Worm Attack!

Session Date: 11 December 2014 (final session for the year). Continued from previous session. This was a relatively short session focusing on tying up loose ends and ending off before the holidays. 263 more words


On the Action Economy and Challenge Ratings

I’ve talked about this a bit before, but my last few sessions with my group have made this relevant again – the action economy. Running… 492 more words


Journey to Runeforge

Rise of the Runelords Campaign Journal. Continued from previous entry. Session date: 5 December 2014.

After realising that the Scribbler had left vital clues to the location of Runeforge in his strange poem, the heroes sought out the local map maker. 589 more words


Pretending its not there

While currently it may feel like the MMORPG is a stagnating genre, a couple of years back it was still heavily evolving. It turned out not to evolve in the way many of us had expected however: instead of creating more and more immersive and complex virtual worlds, developers started taking a more game-y approach to these online spaces, focusing on bite-sized and instanced gameplay rather than world simulation. 670 more words


Heroes on Demand: Ardana Passik - Holovid Celebrity

Do not adjust your internet connections. There is no need to call your ISP. You are not seeing things. I am indeed back, and we’re going to kick things right into gear with another edition of Heroes on Demand! 911 more words


Facing the Black Monk

Continued from previous session. Session Date: 21 November 2014

About two weeks passed while Ciaran studied the resources he found in the great library under Jorgenfist. 579 more words


Pathfinder NPC Build: Half-Fiend Wizard/Evangelist

Since we didn’t have a Pathfinder session this week, I thought I’d post one of the NPC builds I’ve used against my PCs during the course of the adventure. 865 more words