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Pathfinder NPC Build: Half-Fiend Wizard/Evangelist

Since we didn’t have a Pathfinder session this week, I thought I’d post one of the NPC builds I’ve used against my PCs during the course of the adventure. 865 more words


Pathfinder Monster Codex Review

I picked up the new Pathfinder RPG Monster Codex PDF a little while ago, so I thought I would talk about it a bit as we didn’t have a session this past weekend.¬† 490 more words


Mushan's New Journal: Preparing for the Iron Horde


My name is Mushan. In order to protect my online privacy, I will not be disclosing my surname.

I am a hunter. I can do almost anything that hunters around the world can do, but I specialize in pinpoint marksmanship, and I always have. 960 more words


Return to the Fortress of the Stone Giants

Session Date: 24 October 2014. Continued from previous session.

After Mokmurian’s life was snuffed out, the ground of Sandpoint shook, while the red dragon still wheeled overhead. 356 more words


The Invasion of Varisia V

Session Date: 17 October 2014. Continued from The Invasion of Varisia IV.

After two weeks of waiting and preparing, Cecil, Nu and Ciaran were ready for Mokmurian’s army. 534 more words


Technology and gaming

So I decided that it was time to pass on my aging unibody MacBook and get myself a MacBook Air at full specs upgrade. Portability is a big thing for me right now and it would be great to have a light Mac machine. 87 more words


GM Dilemma: Digital or Paper?

It’s no secret that I love my collection of Pathfinder hardcovers, not to mention all the other Pathfinder books I own. I love to be able to say that I own every single Pathfinder hardcover. 651 more words