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The Joy of Bases

Listening to Douglas and Dragons I found it intriguing listening to a group discussing how to covert a conquered drugs warehouse into a base with conversations about decor, layout and who was taking which room. 314 more words

VBCW 1938

Roleplaying and Travel

For the past six weeks, I’ve been travelling with my sister across Europe. As enlightening and enriching as this may have been for my soul, the most important thing for me to consider was, of course, what would happen to my roleplaying group while I was gone. 582 more words


The Invasion of Varisia II

After securing the help of the Hellknights stationed in Varisia, the party decided they needed the aid of Magnimar’s army as well. Ciaran approached the lord-mayor, who was more than happy to help out the heroes who had saved his life from the cult of Norgorber (and protect Magnimar’s holdings, of course). 394 more words


Flamberge Sprites

This is my attempt at creating a Flamberge, a beautiful blade. Considering the detail of the undulations in the blade, I consider this a good attempt, at least for my skill in spriting. 36 more words


The Invasion of Varisia I

Having received the message to meet with Akorian’s agents, our heroes scooped up Nu’s lifeless body and headed for the Storval Stairs. There they came upon the corpses of several hill giants, and watched several powerful heroes slaying two more. 254 more words


RPG Review: Dungeons & Dragons 5e PHB


This would be the place where I review the new Player’s Handbook for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.

I’ll just tell you the rating now. 713 more words


RPG Review: Fiasco

Recently, my RPG group and I had some players from our regular game unable to make it. So, in true geek fashion, instead of cancelling, we decided to whip out a game we’d never played and give it a whirl. 320 more words