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Yithalin-The Lord of Shadow and Silence

Yithalin-The Lord of Shadow and Silence (Deity)

He is coniving and sudden. He supports quick thinking and cunning, but especially stealth. He mocks clumsiness and openness. 153 more words


Monster Monday-Shadow Hunter

“What was that?”

“Keep your voice down. What was what?”

“Something moving in the shadows, it was fast. I’m gonna go check it out.”

“Don’t move the torch. 357 more words


Saturday Spell-Great Leap

“Do something,” Kerchak snarled at Dirilink as another arrow whizzed by him. The mushrooms provided the gnome plenty cover, but even crouched, Kerchak was exposed.  368 more words


Just three days left!

There are just three days remaining in the Kickstarter for Béthorm: the Plane of Tékumel RPG - and it is just $800 away from the final stretch goal!   21 more words


Character Thursday-Gilick Arux (Drow Assassin)

A first Drow character. I went with an NPC, their stories are easier to write. This Drow assassin has gone rogue, but he’s still evil, he just might make an ally of opportunity for PCs operating in the Drow city. 505 more words


Gamerstable – Ep156 Shiz That Didn’t Work

Sometimes things just don’t work out. Sometimes you power through until you get through it, sometimes you endure it for years and sometimes you cast it aside. 84 more words

New Episodes

Lets Design an RPG: Genso Suikoden: Renatus (Part One)

Alright then ladies and gentlemen. In our first installment of shit to do I would like to begin with this gem I have been working on for some time.  1,390 more words