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Ability Tuesday-Create Facsimile

“Master, your lunch.”

Elrick turned from his carving. The time had flown, and it was shaping up nicely, not the like the abomination standing him before him. 327 more words


Saturday Spell-Whirlwind

“Ho there, old gnome!” Four bandits stood on the road, bows and arrows ready. “The toll’s 10 gold.”

“Step aside, boys,” Ferilbin shouted back. “The sooner you run, the fewer I’ll catch.” 541 more words


Character Thursday-Ikeerik Kuhurik (Ospryte Dragon Priest)

A powerful PC who has some surprise powers for the players, like Mardug Firemaw.

Backstory and Levels 1-20

Ikeerik was bound for leadership in his flock, growing up in… 384 more words


Character Thursday-Imriss Karids (Lizardfolk Cleric)

A Lizardfolk member of the Black Shield in the Black Swamp. She is a faithful laborer in the cause, but she is beginning to question the group’s methods. 322 more words


Monster Monday-Tulkem

They found the creatures where the sentries had reported them, digging at the solid earth at the edge of the swamp.

In the last six years they’d nearly blocked the strait with their shallow swamp waters. 370 more words


Saturday Spell-Blanket of Silence

“Shut that dragon up,” Herrick ordered as the brass dragon beneath the net again called out. It was loud, maybe loud enough to deafen those staking down the net. 437 more words


Character Thursday-Berik “Scale-skin” Gyurun (Half-Orc Dragon Tamer)

Here’s a Half-Orc NPC living near Sumak. He’d be a potential contact to get to the dragons if the players wanted to pursue that avenue. 299 more words