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Saturday Spell-Cave In

“Get that door open!”

“It’s stuck!”

“We can’t handle this many goblins right now.”

“I’ve got it.  I’ll slow them. On Ki Loa”

166 more words


Ability Tuesday-Greater Casting

The primary means for spell casters in Mind Weave to get more power into a spell without adding more time is to use a power syllable. 364 more words


D&D Icons of the Realms: Tyranny of Dragons Miniatures Out Now!

WizKids Games has announced that the inaugural wave of D&D Icons of the Realms miniatures, based on the iconic Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game from… 156 more words


The D&D Player’s Handbook is Available Today!

Today marks the release by Wizards of the Coast of the first of three core rulebooks for the highly-anticipated Dungeons & Dragons Tyranny of Dragons… 124 more words


Monster Monday-Roc

‘Damn,’ Tibrus thought. They’d said giant birds would carry him away, just like the prior explorers in this area. If only he’d believed them.

Roc (Hatchling/Adolescent/Adult) 336 more words


Unboxing: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

Wizards of the Coast has released the first official product for the highly anticipated fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The D&D Starter Set… 17 more words


Ability Tuesday-War Cry

A character with War Cry can intimidate foes in battle, demoralizing them and so increasing their probability of resignation. A high probability of resignation make it less likely that an enemy will be able to take action on its turn, but does not prevent them from defending themselves. 224 more words