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Ability Tuesday-Soften Fall

The orcs thought they had him trapped. And why not? With nothing but a sheer drop behind him, anyone would suppose Ryex to be out of options. 209 more words


Monster Monday-Lightning Slug

“This seems a good enough place to rest the night,” Malachi said, dropping his pack. “My magic is spent for the day.”

“Agreed,” Garrik said. “I’ll take first watch.” 232 more words


Saturday Spell-Betray the Hidden

“Do you really have to cast that spell into every dark corner?”

“What do you care, Ryan? It’s not giving us away, and I have more power to spare than flesh, unlike you. 426 more words


Ability Tuesday-Create Facsimile

“Master, your lunch.”

Elrick turned from his carving. The time had flown, and it was shaping up nicely, not the like the abomination standing him before him. 327 more words


Saturday Spell-Whirlwind

“Ho there, old gnome!” Four┬ábandits stood on the road, bows and arrows ready. “The toll’s 10 gold.”

“Step aside, boys,” Ferilbin shouted back. “The sooner you run, the fewer I’ll catch.” 541 more words


Character Thursday-Ikeerik Kuhurik (Ospryte Dragon Priest)

A powerful PC who has some surprise powers for the players, like Mardug Firemaw.

Backstory and Levels 1-20

Ikeerik was bound for leadership in his flock, growing up in… 384 more words


Character Thursday-Imriss Karids (Lizardfolk Cleric)

A Lizardfolk member of the Black Shield in the Black Swamp. She is a faithful laborer in the cause, but she is beginning to question the group’s methods. 322 more words