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Character Thursday-Edam Highbeacon (Human Paladin)

Here’s an NPC built for mounted combat. I’m going to use him for demonstrations of the mounted combat rules in the near future.

Backstory and  693 more words


Dungeons & Dragons: Monster Manual, Out Now!

The second of three core rulebooks, Wizards of the Coast‘s Dungeons & Dragons: Monster Manual provides the framework for players to experience the detailed encounters with the numerous iconic monsters of D&D. 222 more words


Ability Tuesday-Riding

Going mounted is a much faster way to travel than the alternative of walking, especially when winged and other fantasy mounts are available. Anyone can ride a well-trained horse or similarly docile mount, but more wild or powerful mounts may require greater riding skill to control. 85 more words


Saturday Spell-A Curse of Fire

“Tom!” Erik was approaching. Erik! He was huge and patted everyone’s backs too hard. 

“Erik, no, please don’t—”

“How you doing, T—”

Thoom! Fire burst forth from Tom, burning them both. 406 more words


The Game of Life and Longing

Phew. This semester has been a doozy so far. Here’s another Piazza post from Rapid-Idea Prototyping, my first dabblings in the development of a tabletop roleplaying game. 437 more words

The One Ring Part 3: Catching Up

Well, it certainly has been a while since I last posted a summary of our gaming sessions.  I’ll need to quickly see where we ended… 691 more words

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Bresinda-Daughter of the Sun

Bresinda-Daughter of the Sun (Deity)

She adores light and joy, but especially beauty. She is horrified by the ugly and cruel. She is joyful and careless. 148 more words