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Last night I participated in a brief little playtest of a game a pair of my RPG friends are designing. This game is about Hatfield McCoy Type fueds, but the families involved have limited super powers. 101 more words

Hardcore game VS. Easy game: The New Player Dilemma

I often hear older players discuss how in a normal game, if you are level one you will never face anything big or scary or powerful. 185 more words


A bit of sci-fi

The following is a piece I started writing to get inside the head of a character I’d made for a friend’s Mindjammer role-playing game. Sadly the game struggled to take off and ended before I’d gotten round to finishing this piece, but I’m uploading what exists here for posterity. 1,635 more words


RPG Scrapbook: Magical Historiography

“A Treatise on the Problems of Magical Historiography”

Written by Lyceum Scholar Scothgraw


The two biggest fallacies people commit when they consider history are:

1) Everything in the past can be definitively known… 461 more words


I'm Really Bad at Being a Bad Guy

or “How I offended a bunch of people at the LARP I went to.”

Both are suitable titles for this post.

So, I got into LARPing a year or so ago. 1,131 more words


Celebrating The End of a Journey

Novaron’s First Epic Saga “The Black Hand” Comes To An End

When we first started up Novaron, originally with just two players, none of us could’ve imagined how the story would unfold. 459 more words

Role Playing

Telling Stories: Don't be so hard on your character

Don’t be hard on your roleplaying characters.

I don’t mean this in the sense that you should give them all whatever they want and make their lives uninterrupted parades of joy, because that shit is… 1,078 more words

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