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Hello Mary Sue: Intro Guide to Roleplay

…I remember my first day giving roleplay a try. I was twelve years old, bright and imaginative, and truly thought that the character I chalked up was the best thing in the world. 1,349 more words


Roleplaying - Lessons in Creativity

This was inspired by a blog post by Darius I read on I Believe in Story.  I typed a whole long response into the comments and then something happened and I lost it all, so I thought I would reiterate it here and add in some more.  743 more words

Outlines and Images

I’m doing something I never did before – I’m going through the outline/index of my next book (a roleplaying game supplement) noting the number and kind of images that might be needed for each chapter/section. 239 more words

My Projects

before the D&D starter set comes out #3 "sudden realisation edition"

Recap: The D&D “Starter Set” for the next edition of the game is due out mid-July. I’m someone who has never successfully played a roleplaying game before – but I’m willing to give it another go. 595 more words


'League of Extraordinary Cartoon Characters' Campaign Creation - Part 1

‘League of Extraordinary Cartoon Characters’ Campaign - System: Fate Accelerated by Evil Hat Productions

When a dangerous artefact is stolen by a shadowy creature, a mismatched group of heroes is summoned to re-form the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and defend mankind! 444 more words


Monster Monday-Gargoyle

“Okay, you’ll fly up and land on the tower. Your flight will be short, though. I can fly a lot longer because of my Featherfall Robe.” The mage who’d hired Doran seemed to have everything together. 445 more words