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On Hyperborea and Fate

Previously, I reviewed Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. I talked about how I liked both the rules and the setting material, I just didn’t really like them together. 291 more words


Some interesting thoughts on table top roleplaying and time

A part of the argument in the above thread (and what it links to) is that it’s become so much easier to get together to roleplay, and that there are so many more available systems and settings out there, that we don’t have the time to revel (I suppose that’s the right word) in what we do. 108 more words


Digital Character Sheets

Google Docs has made a huge difference for my GMing, and I recently came across some awesome templates that others have created. There are quite a few out there, but these… 169 more words


Hello Mary Sue: Intro Guide to Roleplay

…I remember my first day giving roleplay a try. I was twelve years old, bright and imaginative, and truly thought that the character I chalked up was the best thing in the world. 1,349 more words


System Mastery 17 - Don't Look Back: Terror is Never Far Behind

SystemMastery 17 – Don’t Look Back:  Terror is Never Far Behind

Don’t Look Back is a mid-90s Horror RPG, featuring hilarious send-ups of your favorite 80s horror film tropes!  80 more words


Roleplaying - Lessons in Creativity

This was inspired by a blog post by Darius I read on I Believe in Story.  I typed a whole long response into the comments and then something happened and I lost it all, so I thought I would reiterate it here and add in some more.  743 more words