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Pathfinder Monster Build: Adlets

As promised, I’ve listed my builds for the adlets I threw at my party a couple of weeks ago. The normal adlet is a CR 10 creature, with some good stats – particularly Dexterity – plus some spell-like abilities and a breath weapon. 1,188 more words


Code Frenzy

I did some programming today. I got out of bed, and while yesterday evening I had the iron conviction that I would go to the gym, today, I just got out of bed, sat at my computer, opened Visual Studio and started a new project. 805 more words

The Regular Stuff

Campaign on Hold

Our campaign is on hold for the next 3 weeks, holidays. I’ll have the recent synopsis up sometime soon, busy week preparing for our own vacation! 14 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Worm Attack!

Session Date: 11 December 2014 (final session for the year). Continued from previous session. This was a relatively short session focusing on tying up loose ends and ending off before the holidays. 263 more words


The Chief's Mission

It happened on my 17th birthday. I had worked very late at the Salty Sailor Tavern and was in no mood to be woken at dawn. 949 more words