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D&D5 - Lost Mines of Phandelver Session Report

I’m not sure what I’m going to use this for really, I suppose a session report is as apt a title as any. I’m not going to write a whole summary of what happened because I don’t want to spoil the adventure for other people who are going to play it, rather I thought I’d offer my thoughts on some of the mechanics used in the system and talk about a few highlights of our first session playing this adventure. 1,141 more words

Maxi 3

Maxi knew things had been going too well for months. He knew that their luck would run out at some point—and if Nikki wasn’t a magnet for bad luck. 516 more words


BIG BAD CON 2014 - Part I (Friday)

Once again this year Sophie and I attended Big Bad Con, and I thought I would give a brief recap (in three parts)

FRIDAY AFTERNOON GoD DUTY:   1,133 more words


Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box

I’m usually a theater of the mind kind of guy when running RPGs. I recently started running Skull & Shackles for my RPG group and decided to pick up the… 601 more words


Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - Avast! - Fourth Session: The Battle of Meatgrinder Rock

In Attendance: 

  • Player 1/ Scel the Halfling Ranger-Rogue
  • Player 6/Niema the Aventi Wizard
  • Player 11/Voormas the Human Druid
  • Player 12/Xander the Human Fighter

Session Writeup: 1,548 more words


Carbot: Warsong Gultch Part 2

Carbot continues in Part 2 as we lead into Warlords.


World Of Warcraft

Low Vision Aid – Illuminating the Life of the Visually Impaired

There will be a point of time in your life when spectacles will no longer be of any help. Your eye sight might have reduced to an utterly low point and simple tools of vision improvement will be of no use. 367 more words