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Fantasiaroolipelit ovat tunnettuja ja varmaan roolipeleistä kaikista pelatuimpia genrejä. Se ei kuitenkaan ole ainoa genre, jota on mahdollista hyvällä porukalla pelauttaa (:o!). Mitä muita genrejä olette kokeilleet? 300 more words


Phandelver, Session #1.5 - In Which I Try But Fail to Resist the Urge to Use the Title "Delving Phandelver"

Well, it’s at least a month and a half after the first posts about people’s first experiences with this adventure started popping up, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. 1,278 more words


Epic Experience: Whipped

Down a player for the night, but no worries since her character died last week I can hold off on introducing her new one. The party gets a bit faster at handling ship actions. 1,170 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Hero Lab for iPad

Hero Lab from Lone Wolf Development seemed like an unnecessary piece of software to me for the longest time. Then they released an app for the iPad and all of that changed. 599 more words


Birth Unto Flame [Part 1]

As with many of Numeria’s androids, you were born as salvage. A group of ratfolk scavengers found several androids in stasis pods in an ancient foundry in the eastern wastes, but the process of “extracting” the dormant androids not only destroyed your kin but triggered the foundry’s self-destruct sequence. 386 more words