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Flamberge Sprites

This is my attempt at creating a Flamberge, a beautiful blade. Considering the detail of the undulations in the blade, I consider this a good attempt, at least for my skill in spriting. 36 more words


Milefront, Pen & Paper RPGs and a survey

So, the other day, after I inflicted the original Milefront story upon you all, I was digging around in my folders and found some of the notes for the pen and paper rules I had been working on for the setting. 982 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Tiny Trial Toon - Part 2

In my last post I talked about my plans for keeping around a Trial account to make sure I keep myself in the loop on World of Warcraft. 1,159 more words


"Post-plot cinema" and comic book movies as picaresques

Steven Zeitchik at the LA Times titled his Guardians review, “Guardians of the Galaxy‘ and the rise of post-plot cinema“. In the review he basically makes two claims: first, that the plot of GotG is complex, and second, that therefore the plot doesn’t matter. 2,002 more words


Proper Party Put-together.

I’d like to make this little impromptu post to address a concern I’ve had. As you may know, I’ve been slowly growing weary of D&D. I don’t WANT this to happen. 455 more words