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Ink Monkey Bones #25: New Infernal Hearthstones, Part 5

<2>Hearthstones of Kimbery

<3>Stone of Scorn (Manse 2)

<n>If the bearer of this many-faceted orange stone uses a social attack to compel someone’s behavior and the target spends Willpower to refrain from that behavior, the bearer immediately makes a perfect follow-up social attack to build an Intimacy—either of self-loathing, of shame regarding the objective of the compelled behavior, or of fear toward the bearer. 156 more words


My first murder mystery

I’ve always been a fan of mysteries whether it’s the classic whodunnit where the killer is revealed during the parlor scene or the thriller where a plot twist reveals that the murderer wasn’t whom everyone suspected. 408 more words


6 Ways to Write a Prophecy

The next section of this blog, that will be posted weekly, is one I have titled “Behind the Screen”. If you know anything about me, perhaps you know that I have loved tabletop roleplaying games for a very long time. 1,298 more words


Game Master Self-Evaluation Report Card

A friend recently came up with the idea of rating yourself as a GM, because as roleplayers we love to assign arbitrary numbers to meaningless stats. 1,031 more words


WWII Tank Warfare in Fate Core

I saw Fury recently and really enjoyed it. I was impressed with the attempt to bring home some of the realities of war from the perspective of a tank crew – a sector that has not historically received much attention. 1,045 more words


Adventures in 'Third Earth' - First Session - On Our Feet

Well, I managed to finally become a player again in a campaign that kicked off the other day. I’ll be posting my character’s journals of each session. 1,353 more words


Return to the Fortress of the Stone Giants

Session Date: 24 October 2014. Continued from previous session.

After Mokmurian’s life was snuffed out, the ground of Sandpoint shook, while the red dragon still wheeled overhead. 356 more words