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Demeter's Skyrim Diary: part 12

—Heartfire, 25Th, 4E 201—

I could get used to this whole Dragonborn thing.

In the last few days, I have encountered many dragons and acquired many new Thu’um. 81 more words


Monster Monday-Lightning Slug

“This seems a good enough place to rest the night,” Malachi said, dropping his pack. “My magic is spent for the day.”

“Agreed,” Garrik said. “I’ll take first watch.” 232 more words


Saith Sealgaire - Elegy LARP

At ConBravo I got this real nice photo taken of me in my LARP outfit by GCE.

The skull and axe I made myself. 60 more words

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Use time, don't let it use you!

Dealing with time is essential for any student, and time itself it’s our greatest ally, except for one thing, time is constantly killing us!


D&D Next Presentation at Kaissa Café!

Though it does not probably concern anyone not in Greece, Maria and I are proud to spearhead (pun intended) the launch of D&D Next (or 5th Edition, as it will likely be inevitably known), today, at Kaissa Café. 55 more words


My first Trail of Cthulhu adventure

Given my strong interests in RPGs and Lovecraft, it was probably inevitable that I’d end up playing one or more of the X of Cthulhu… 776 more words


Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 – Campaign – 12th Session: Disturbing Discoveries

In Attendance:

  • Player 1/Queltrosa the Human Warmage
  • Player 6/Wynne the Gnome Cleric
  • Player 11/Senex the Halfling Rogue-Swashbuckler

Session Writeup:

The PCs step through the door and it is like crossing in to another world. 1,009 more words