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Tai Chi Y3D174: Roll Back Revisited

Let’s see: Push-ups: four sets — 10, 10, 13, 15: Fifty overall.  I didn’t mean to do that, it just sort of happened. My arms were tired at the end, but I’m beginning to get the form correct, and able to make it work for me. 161 more words


Tai Chi Y3D159: Roll Back

Did seventeen push-ups in a row without stopping or losing my balance.  Improvement from yesterday. Then, I could only do three or four at a time without stopping.   488 more words


Roll Back Wednesday

Since Thursday is Thursday Tips Day, I decided to make Wednesday – ‘Roll Back Wednesday’

Each Wednesday I will be posting a blog entry that takes a trip down memory lane. 62 more words


Tai Chi Y3D146: Twist

It’s been a complicated day.  Christine, I’m very much enjoying the Kathleen Norris book on Accidie, and more on that when I’ve finished it. Right now I’m at about the half-way point, but I keep getting distracted or pulled away from it by various prep-work for the start of school, which is approaching like a freight train faster than I’d like. 826 more words


Tai Chi Y3D129: Roll Back

Yep, another attempt at poetry instead of an entry about my tai chi experiences.  I’d expect this to go on for a while — Maybe a month or so. 126 more words