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Today was packed with a whole bunch of different activities stuffed in a day. Chris hits me up with a ” let’s go get brunch” mean while I’m just thinking to myself, it’s soooo early, there’s no “unch” yet. 539 more words


The Bubblegum Blader and the Autumn Crusader

Yesterday my sister and I went on a walk/rollerblade and took a few outfit photos.

(I’m not sure why my knees look so dodgy up there) 113 more words


Sorry I haven’t wrote for a while guys. I’ve been away making Youtube videos,shopping for college and new clothes,doing my work and getting better. 

So yesterday I started my new hobby. 216 more words

huffin' and puffin'

Well, like I said yesterday, I was going to fill that hour in the morning with exercise. We have some brand new pavement down the street, so this morning I strapped on the roller-blades.   95 more words