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East Coast Park

Now today was a day I thought was going to be relaxing; we were heading down to East Coast Park. Now doesn’t that just say calm ocean waters, leisurely walks and sunbathing? 217 more words


brain mapping

I love maps.  I love everything about them, well with the exception of refolding highway maps.  I love antique maps, topographic maps, even google maps with all of its inaccuracies.   481 more words

New York City

Funny Friday: A funny personal story

A few years back, my oldest daughter broke her wrist. Now there’s nothing funny about a broken wrist but what is funny was her assistant principal’s reaction when she went to school the next day. 133 more words

Funny Friday

Super cool visitors

We had some awesome visitors today — Allen, Cindy, Midge and I were just chillin’ late this afternoon when a posse of young folk and their baby and dogs came roller-blading down the street! 28 more words

Classic Skating

I grew up going to Classic Skating all the time! I remember in 6th grade when they took us on a field trip to Classic Skating and I was super excited. 288 more words

Family Life