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We all hope for a perfect happy life. We keep running after the idea of an ideal and perfect life. If you ask me, I feel hope is something that pulls us through the darkest night of our life and is also present during the best days of our life. 266 more words


I Have Been On A Roller Coaster.

Lately, I’ve been on a roller coaster. Up and Down. Up and down. And round and round. My emotions are over the place, and my head is in a whirlwind. 30 more words

"The Onward Progression" by Tami Boehle-Satterfield

The clickety click click steel sound.
The workings of an impressive set of gears.
Teeth turning something over and over.
The backward feel of climbing up, 200 more words


Updates, RVillage Ambassadors, upgraded RV lighting and book recommendation

We are still enduring one of the most frustrating experiences in recent years – trying to sell or even rent our house and all the ups and downs that go with that. 1,202 more words


My new crush

Crushes. That panoply of hormones. That rush of excitement. That orgy of neurons.

Yes friends, I’ve got a crush.

And I’m loving every second of the roller coaster ride. 218 more words


Moxie, Retirement, and Other 60-Something Oddities

I may have tried an old-time soda pop called Moxie as a kid way back when my grandfather owned a small country store in Biddeford, Maine. 508 more words

My Life as a Support System for those Experiencing Life

My life is complicated…it twists and turns and goes up and down like a roller coaster. Over the past month I have been faced with so many different life occurrences that it would make your stomach drop. 868 more words