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that time we nearly got the four of us in a photo...

…if only Alf had lifted his head a little…maybe he was thinking too much about what was about to happen…the roller coaster {or roaster coaster as robb used to call them} 16 more words



I don’t know how it happens…

I don’t know how one minute, you’re standing together and the next, you’re standing alone. How one week, life feels like it couldn’t possibly get better, and then seven days later, it seems as though everything is being ripped out from beneath your very own feet. 306 more words

roller coaster road

whiskey god turns over the keys
at supersonic speeds
cutting to the chase and racing
through the royal countryside

he doesn’t care about the time… 73 more words


Weekly photo challenge: On top

  1. From the top of the hill in Devon.
  2. Reached the top!
  3. The top of the roller coaster, were about to go!


Call it Magic

Sometimes the days are roller coaster rides.

The movie I live in, is technicolor, with an oscillating background score and a whole bunch of volatile emotions flung about like pages torn from picture magazines, stuck on a large yellow wall, dotted with rough illustrations in ink, filled with mad things people say. 244 more words

Sun and Roses

Cheesy title, but that’s exactly what today feels like- Bright and Beautiful.

Nothing special happened, but my head seems to be in a very good place. 153 more words


Get off the ferris wheel?

The common theme for me recently has been: work/life balance. Chris of course has been my strongest advocate for more balance. Work less, play more. Co-workers, and friends at work, friends outside of work, and family have all encouraged me to take a stand for more balance in my life. 468 more words