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Sun and Roses

Cheesy title, but that’s exactly what today feels like- Bright and Beautiful.

Nothing special happened, but my head seems to be in a very good place. 153 more words


Get off the ferris wheel?

The common theme for me recently has been: work/life balance. Chris of course has been my strongest advocate for more balance. Work less, play more. Co-workers, and friends at work, friends outside of work, and family have all encouraged me to take a stand for more balance in my life. 468 more words


The above photos by photographer Michael John Grist (website) during his haikyo trip to Nara Dreamland, an abandoned amusement park in Japan. Haikyo (Japanese for “ruins”) is the hobby of urban exploration, which often includes trips to abandoned places and nearly always includes people photographing their experiences. 58 more words


Prozac Day 1

The effects (listed below) only start to kick in after a couple of hours:

-Emotional roller coaster – one moment I’m high, the next I’m sleepy, the next I’m euphoric, next I’m sad again. 18 more words


Roller Coaster Road Trip: Journey to Kings Island in Mason, Ohio

By Marcus Leshock | WGN Morning News Feature Reporter

Cue the “Game of Thrones” theme. The long winter is over. The white walkers of Chicago have retreated. 1,269 more words

Leshock Value

And.... I'm Back

It’s obviously been a while since I posted. I’ve been in that strange mood where I was so tired of being with my own thoughts that the idea of sitting down and sorting through them in order to articulate them coherently sounded like torture. 363 more words


A Cup of Tea With Faith

Today I’m sitting here with a cup of tea…

I decided to make myself some ginger tea with honey to relax my mind. I have been making a lot of changes in my life lately. 388 more words