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Stung By Awkwardness

So, let me begin with the fact that I’m clearly not big on sports. I will be watching the Super Bowl so that justifies me as a sports watcher. 584 more words

Amusement Parks

Pictures of Brighton

Walking to the pier

Simply gorgeous.

Katie and myself

One of the roller coasters they had at the pier!

Royal Pavilion

The British Dome

Tea time!


Quick Thoughts: The Ride

I love, love roller coasters. I don’t care if they’re fast, slow, wooden, metal, upside-down, crazy steep, stand up, legs dangling, whatever, I will go on any ride at least once. 337 more words

Theme Parks and their Big, Fat Problems

Jimmy Jr. (JJ) and his father James are sitting on a Monday night watching some PG cartoon film on HBO Family. Little JJ is very excited and animated as he keeps hopping closer to the television. 1,577 more words

Amusement Parks

The "Blurter"

I miss Jake.  I don’t just miss him.  There isn’t an actual word for what this is.  This is deep in your soul, gut wrenching, agonizing pain.  443 more words

Countdown to Disney World

Eight years have flown by since I first gazed upon Epcot and Magic Kingdom in all their splendor. Our senior year of college, my friend Jill and I decided to spend spring break near Orlando. 305 more words