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Prompt: Entertainment engineering brings to light some of the more light-hearted aspects of engineering.  Entertainment in itself is one of America’s most popular pass times and encompasses subjects such as film, television, music, games, reading, comedy, theater, circuses, magic, street performance, parades, fireworks, animal shows, and the list just goes on and on.  716 more words



A lot of life is like riding up to the 100ft drop slowly in search of something tangible. A new position. A weight goal. That new Dooney&Burke bag. 235 more words


Bow Ties and Roller Coasters

After almost a month of not spending a weekend together, my main man and I had some major plans, together for once!

My boss invited us (along with the rest of our team and a handful of the bigwig partners) to his wedding reception out in Surrey on Friday night. 447 more words

Lovely London

Painting Rougarou (formerly Mantis) at Cedar Point

For several weeks Baynum Painting’s team has been in Sandusky OH at Cedar Point, working on the famous Mantis coaster, which is undergoing the exciting transformation into Rougarou for 2015. 74 more words

Baynum Painting

Broken knees and theme parks

I apologize that it has been such a long time since my last post, but it has all been entirely too hectic of the late. I had my first experience with Ladies Night a week or so ago. 1,320 more words

Last First Time

Last Month.

I had never been to Six Flags believe it or not. Amusement parks – yes, but not Six Flags which is the Holy Land of amusement parks. 557 more words

Living & Writing

Comparisons I should refrain from drawing.


If my eyes could speak they would drip swirls of words to the ground, seeded in the earth, dandelions on the green. If my lips could paint they would silver a gibbous moon above cathedral spires and red-brick chimneys and the ornate windows of the Great Northern Hotel down the road from where I live. 560 more words

Roller Coasters.