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As of last Saturday, I have passed my Level 2 skills test!  It feels great to know that all of my hard work, bruises, embarrassing falls and more bruises have been paying off. 78 more words

Is Derby in the right size venue (or too big or too small)?

Is Derby in the right size venue (or too big or too small)?.

Many leagues have found out that the venue they are playing in is not the right size anymore……if you are not getting a crowd that satisfies your needs, do not wait too long to move….cost must always be a deciding factor…..and don’t be concerned if you have to move “smaller”, the larger venues will be always happy to take your money later….the venue must always fit your crowd expectations……1000 people in a 10,000 seat venue is like playing in a tomb….I know, I have been there.

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Let the Journey Begin

Since I am 27 days from my due date, it feels like it’s time to start really honing in on things and getting ready for this baby.   958 more words

Get Fit Bitch

Happy Blog

Hey everyone, this is going to be a short one! Ever since my last blog a few things have happened that really made my day to day schedule crazy. 413 more words

September is my Derbyversary!

On September 7th, 2013, I geared up fully for the first time, and started my derby life by attending a PFM* foundational skills practice. It’s a class we do every two weeks that teaches new skaters how to stop and fall safely, makes sure they’re safe to skate with other skaters, and introduces them to some of the core members of the group. 738 more words

Roller Derby

Traseros en los Asientos – ¿Cómo Logras que los Fans Vayan a los combates?

Ya sea que seas una nueva liga / equipo que acaba de conseguir sus piernas de derby, o un equipo establecido con un montón de granos, la grasa y la suciedad debajo de tu cinto, la asistencia es siempre algo que cala demasiado. 449 more words

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Trae la Voz – Anuncia un Combate de Derby

Aquí hay algo fuera del tema habitual de conversación – locutores del derby. Rara vez son considerados, para ser honesto, pero si quieres quedar entretenida al máximo, ellos son una parte integral del espectáculo de derby. 392 more words

Derby Colombia