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Leaving the Island of Misfit Toys

It would seem the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they think of roller derby is the hitting. Strangers ask me about it when they see my jacket or the stickers on my car, pedicurists want to know about it when I’ve just explained why they need to leave the callous on my big right toe alone, my teammates enthusiastically talk about hitting each other as stress relief after a hard day at work. 532 more words

Roller Derby

Lace up and lets get rolling!

Lets get together for some rolling fun before the fall session begins.

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Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby

Points Per Jam: Roller Derby's Default Difficulty

It should be difficult for a roller derby team to score points. So why does it often seem so easy for them to be scored instead? 12,763 more words


MRDA Men's European Cup in Newcastle

Wowzers. That about sums up me NSOing at the MEC.
I got to chat to some lovely HNSOs and picked their brains rotten, including Danger who used to be LRG’s HNSO, and Laura who is Tiger Bay’s HNSO¬† 319 more words

Roller Derby

Back to the Grind: First Week Madness

It’s finally the weekend! My first week of classes is finally over and it went pretty smooth. I have a little bit of homework but I have a feeling most of my classes are going to be pretty easy this semester. 272 more words

Interview with TTRB All-Star Jean Claude Van Damsel

Leading up to their bout against LADD on September 13th, I’m conducting interviews with the Tilted Thunder Rail Birds All-Star team. Here is the first interview I received back featuring Jean Claude Van Damsel…¬† 1,488 more words

Roller Derby