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Warm Bodies

I remember posting the preview for this when it came out and having high hopes. I’ve finally gotten around to doing a quick review of it. 652 more words

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Love, Rosie

So to celebrate the start of a week’s holiday from school, me and my friend went to see Love, Rosie a couple of weeks ago. Initially sceptical due to Lily Collins weird English accent and the fact that you can pretty much predict the whole plot from the trailer, but I watched it anyway. 496 more words

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Movie Review: One for the Money (2012)

What happens?

After losing her job, Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl) is in need of a job and a life change. She starts working as a skip tracer for her cousin Vinnie (Patrick Fischler). 504 more words


Better Half

I am normally a very oblivious person. I actually probably cannot articulate properly how oblivious I am. It really is some next level obliviousness. You could say I am really good at being oblivious, if i had any idea I was doing it. 874 more words


Yamada's First Time (B Gata H Kei)

Yamada is a teenage girl with a mission – she wants to have “one hundred sex friends”. As the prettiest girl at her school, she thinks this won’t be too hard, but there’s one obstacle – she’s still a virgin with no experience. 320 more words


Magic in the Moonlight (2014): Quick-shot review!

A quirky story about a young woman who can see into the beyond, and an older man who sets out to debunk her abilities, Magic in the Moonlight… 301 more words

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What If

Because I have been staying at home mostly for almost a month now, I have decided to grab some movies to keep me company while James is at work or when I have nothing to do. 232 more words