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A Strange Company

“I was a robber, a thief, and lying so much that I even succeeded in convincing myself about my own life.” It was P.’s turn to share about himself and his ministry, and like the others, he began with his story. 454 more words


Remembering Roma on Nation Day 8 April

Derby recognized Roma Nation Day on Sunday. It is a day for people to understand and celebrate that the Roma people are a Nation, but a Nation without a home. 364 more words


Support declared for Roma in Derby on Nation Day 2014

Roma Nation Day was born in 1990 at the 4th World Romani Congress with the objective of celebrating Roma culture and raising awareness of the issues that face the Roma people throughout the world. 597 more words


Ambiguity with new Benefit rules for Migrants will result in more poverty in Derby

The Governments strategy to placate the populist backlash over so-called “benefit-seeking” Euro-migrants as well as exploiting every opportunity to save money , involves a collection of benefit changes which will be fully implemented by 1 April 2014. 519 more words


Wrap up

I was happy to join the program. I felt like it would go perfect. But things don’t always go perfect. Still in the end I finally found a niche. 124 more words


Barcelona: I dare you...

The most beautiful part about Barcelona was all the architecture that we saw. The Sagrada Familia church is under construction and it has been for over a century. 197 more words


Paris: Don't break my heart

My Paris adventure started like this:

‘You guys, have you looked at our flights, our gate closes at 12:30′

‘What are you talking about?’

‘Look’ I hand her the paper… 552 more words