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And now for something a little different. . .

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to write a book about Jesus.  I was somewhat inspired by a quote by Oscar Wilde to the effect that all beginning writers start out writing about Jesus Christ or themselves.  387 more words


The Joy of Salvation

All around the world, Christians are celebrating! Christ has risen from the dead! Our salvation is at hand!

How does one even begin to celebrate such a moment? 765 more words


A modest proposal

Almost three hundred years ago, in Dublin, Jonathan Swift published ‘A Modest Proposal‘ one of the most famous satirical works in the world – the proposal in question being that the poor should kill and eat their young. 387 more words

Current Affairs

Easter Sunday: Without this day death has the last word.

“Why should the privileges of the true Christian be disclosed to mankind at large?” John Henry Newman.

It’s “the first day of the week (Sunday) and still dark” and Mary of Magdala is up early to visit Jesus tomb. 306 more words

Roman Catholic Church

Breda O'Brien and the Singing Priests


Breda O’Brien, with characteristic tone-deafness, seems very upset that more people are not upset at Martyn Turner’s “singing priests” cartoon. She bemoans “the satire of ‘singing priests’, given the best-known singing priests are humble men who raise phenomenal amounts of money for charity.” 320 more words


“The past will never return. New situations require new dispositions”

Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, 2 December 1933

Roman Catholic Church