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The Temple of Mithras

The (Roman) Temple of Mithras was originally built in the early third century, circa 220-40, and abandoned in the fourth, when Christianity came to replace paganism throughout the Roman Empire, the remains only coming to light again during rebuilding after the Second World War, when they were  moved to a new location on the west rather than east bank of the Walbrook (they are  currently in storage and  awaiting a move to another new location, in a specially designed  space in the Bloomberg Building, which is under construction and scheduled for completion in 2017). 201 more words

Roman London

Open House London 2014 (Barnard’s Inn; Christ Church, Spitalfields; and St Pancras Old Church)

20th September 2014 – Open House London

(photos below all taken today by Bob Jones)

Barnard’s Inn

Barnard’s Inn, which  dates to the late fourteenth- or early fifteenth- century, is one of the Inns of Chancery, thought to have originated in the Medieval period as a place where chancery clerks were trained  – in the preparation of writs –  and also where they were housed.  793 more words

London Churches

The Roman Walk: Pre-Walk

Hello! I will be walking from London to Canterbury from Monday 29 September to Friday 3 October, visiting museums, archives, and sites of historical interest along the way. 153 more words