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Now that's interesting - monks writing medieval history

I was reading a review of a book “The Age of the Vikings” by Anders Winroth, published by Princeton University Press, in which the reviewer noted that any historical accounts of the middle ages to  the Renaissance were documented by people who could write; obviously but who could write during those times? 225 more words


Jewish leadership under the Romans

The Romans took control of Palestine around 63 B.C. That is when the Roman

general Pompey captured Jerusalem, making Hyrcanus II the high priest and ruler of… 256 more words

Roman Period

Roman Period

Pax Romana

Under the emperor Augustus, the Roman empire entered into a period of peace known as Pax Romana. This was the first time that the mediterranean region had known such a peace and political stability. 263 more words

Roman Period

A Roman house and baths hidden under the streets of London

Lower Thames Street isn’t exactly a promising-looking place when it comes to searching for relics of Roman-era London.  The wide, busy road cuts through the City, and the buildings that line it are mostly modern, concrete and uninspiring.  1,313 more words


Leeds City Museum - Update

Visited August 30th 2014

This collection forms part of a visiting exhibition from the British Museum, London and ends in January 2015

For info on the museum please see my post: 168 more words