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Acum 25 de ani - Timişoara

Ironie. Piaţa Operei tocmai fusese terminată, după o reconstrucţie care eliminase şinele de tramvai din centru, deviindu-le pe alte străzi. Ca să fie pentru manifestaţiile de sorginte nord-coreeană dedicate “geniului carpatin”. 673 more words


85 - Full Circle

Before story-arcs became the norm when Doctor Who returned in 2005, they were something of a rarity in the classic series. One such example was the so-called ‘E-Space’ trilogy of Season 18 – where the Doctor and Romana find themselves sucked out of the normal universe (N-Space) and into Exo-Space (E-Space) – a smaller pocket universe. 463 more words

Copiii spun lucruri înspăimântătoare

- Hai, copile, mai repede, că mi-e frig, sunt bolnavă. Am luat-o şi eu de la tine.

- Ieeee!…

Talk about dancing on somebody’s grave… :-) 8 more words


87 - The Horns of Nimon

Let’s begin by acknowledging the elephant in the room – when you hear the character of Soldeed calling out “Lord Niiiiiiiiiiiiimon!” you do have to resist the urge to join in the pantomime and yell at your television “He’s behind you!” There is something rather comic about this serial, reflecting perhaps the hand of the Script Editor, some chap called Douglas Adams … 209 more words

"Destiny of the Daleks"

It’s actually been quite a while since I’ve watched a television episode I haven’t seen before. There are a few reasons for that. First, I’ve been concentrating on audios a bit, and they’re easier to consume while doing something else (usually playing  933 more words

Doctor Who

A Big Gamble for the Small Screen

In August, I decided to do something with an idea that’s been nagging me for the better part of the year. It was ignited by the buzz around whether or not the person cast as The Twelfth Doctor (of “Doctor Who” fame) would be male or female. 534 more words