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Mă uimeşte disponibilitatea oamenilor de a trăi o viaţă desenată pentru ei de alţii. Lipsa dorinţei vulcanice de a şi-o croi, măcar în parte, singuri. De a încerca măcar. 761 more words


112 - The Power of Kroll

If there were a Doctor Who story-writers’ FAQ then one entry might read like this:

Q: I want to write a story featuring the largest monster ever seen in the show. 429 more words

113 - The Ribos Operation

I return after a busy season with another Tom Baker serial – and one I always suspected was never going to do well.

One of my most enjoyed experiences of watching Doctor Who as a child was the gradual introduction to the ‘Key to Time’ story arc of Season 16. 465 more words

Dropdown list not passing the value of the chosen option

The website is for a publishing house.

I reload the index page for each page change. The header, footer, navigation, and news panes remain in place, while the main content area changes depending on the requested content. 353 more words


114 - The Creature from the Pit

“O horror, horror, horror!

Tongue nor heart cannot conceive nor name thee!”

Tis true indeed – a Tom Baker story is in my bottom 100! But then we need not be surprised – with seven seasons under his belt it was inevitable that the curly haired long scarved one would have one or two episodes that were somewhat less impressive. 411 more words

Un nou ziar de limbă română în Germania

“Ziarul Românesc din Germania” (sau Zeitung der Rumaenen in Deutschland – ZRD) a fost lansat pe data de 1 Octombrie de un grup editorial cu sediul la Londra si redacţii în Italia, Marea Britanie, România şi Germania. 103 more words