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Another Crazy Cat Story

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, or if you have ever read my blog, you’ll know exactly who Cha Cha is. He is my youngest daughter’s crazy cat, and I have been telling stories about him for years. 984 more words

My Mom's A Witch

Today my guest is the lovely Sotia Lazu. She’s a very talented lady. Not only does she write great books she is a whiz with graphic images. 288 more words

Wrecked & Wry

*kicks tires of my stalled imagination*


*stomps off determined to do this posting without the old clunker of creativity*

*the blog auditorium empties at a frankly embarrassing rate* 200 more words


Fighting the Fade

Getting reacquainted with characters you haven’t seen in a while can be rather, well, demoralizing.

Case in point: Sabella and Conyer from my West Africa novel. 132 more words


The Seafaring Coward

Ok, change of plans.

*the crowd snickers*

Alright, admittedly my plan-making as of late has left a lot to be desired.  The thought has been there. 258 more words


Do Not Answer That Door

I had a bit of an unexpected visitor yesterday.  My 16th novel apparently did not appreciate being tucked away in the “Done!” closet and dropped by for crumpets yesterday afternoon. 215 more words


The Blanketing Skirmish

Blanket trailing behind me, hair mussed to the point of hilarity, I drag myself downstairs and plop down on the couch.

My laptop scowls at me from across the room. 242 more words