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The Un-Romance: Consent, Coercion, and Winning Favor

“Don’t worry,” my boyfriend said.

He was relaxed in the driver’s seat of his truck, tapping his fingers gently on the steering wheel.¬† His face was flushed from our earlier argument and my declarations of displeasure – I’d complained that he was… 867 more words


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TRR Ezine Contest – The Guardian’s Wildchild

Sidney Davenport is the rule breaking member of the powerful Guardians. As a child she was continually late for her metaphysical lessons, used her telekinesis during meal time, and often challenged her physical abilities. 145 more words


Beyond Lust. Beyond Passion. Beyond Romantic Love.

Have you experienced a moment that went beyond lust and passion?

I only saw the back of his shoulders, a hint of grey in his dark hair, perhaps a bit of his profile Рone that would describe most average male white Anglo Saxons. 362 more words


Why I like to write working-class men.

A long while back, an editor I knew at a Certain Publisher of Heterosexual Romance described to me the sort of man they wanted in a romance novel: good-looking (of course), smart yet flawed (sure), “alpha” and commanding in personality (my inner feminist weeps, but okay) and… 602 more words