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Movie Endings...They'll Either Make or Break You

I have always been very selective when it comes to watching movies. My friends get mad at me because I end up thinking a lot of movies are bad because of one simple thing, the ending. 221 more words

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The Ballad of Cheating Destiny

Happy Holidays to everyone! While the edits continue for The Fixer: The Naked Man and the writing of The Fixer: Untitled Book 2 moves along, I’ve been thinking about another story I wrote. 652 more words


Ooey Gooey Lovey Dovey Sad Sappy Romance Movies

I have always thought of myself as a girly girl. Even though I don’t always have the opportunity, I love dressing up. I enjoy doing my hair and make up, putting on a dress, and going on a date. 626 more words

Movie Review: Mr. Miracle

I don’t usually review movies on here as the focus of this blog is books, but I need to review this movie (it is a book, too).   288 more words

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The Problem With Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket

It’s now five o’clock in the morning and I’m having just a teensy bit of trouble finding sleep. It runs from me. And the more time I have to sit and think, the more dangerous it becomes. 672 more words