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Who Knew It Was Fun?

It’s an odd mix of fiction and real life, this writing lark. You’ve got one foot in a world of dreams and another foot in the kitchen dealing with the slow cooker. 404 more words

Everyday Life

Soap Operas and Romance Novels: The Feminist Debate

Recently on Twitter I saw two things that really made me stop and take a second look.  The first was a comment that said that “ 920 more words

Soap Talk

The Day Before the Coming of the Thirty-one Days of Halloweeenie

Remember how last month and the month before I was all in your face with phobias and other irrational fears, and how so many of you were irrationally afraid of spiders and clowns, because everyone knows clowns are made of pancake makeup and pure evil? 196 more words

What's next?

Ever since I finished CUTS RUN DEEP, I’ve been brainstorming what to do next. I have a great idea for a new suspense novel, and you know how much I love writing those. 354 more words

Review: All I Want Is You by Toni Blake

My new review of Toni Blake’s book All I Want Is You is up over at All About Romance.

Although Toni Blake is one of my authors I automatically read, my enjoyment of All I Want Is You had its ups and downs.

40 more words
Haley Kral

Murder? Juice-Ay! Abuse? Wow! Cheating? Oh Hell Nah...

“I rate this book 1-star because there is no excuse for a man/woman to cheat on their spouse, and that’s just something I can’t forgive…” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH….REALLY???? 173 more words

Interracial Romance