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Who Knew It Was Fun?

It’s an odd mix of fiction and real life, this writing lark. You’ve got one foot in a world of dreams and another foot in the kitchen dealing with the slow cooker. 404 more words

Everyday Life

Working That Sagging Middle -- Body and Scroll

The “sagging middle” is a grim reality once you hit George* territory. Diet, stress and sedentary habits can settle in the gut. In a novel, the sagging middle can cripple your story, as well. 1,446 more words

Writing Tips

The First Draft - IMO - CRAP

The first draft.

What a process! One I have definitely not mastered. I’ve went at stories a lot of different ways. I still haven’t decided which is the best, but I’ll explain the ones I’ve tried and you can pick which one you like best. 349 more words

Michille: Ancient Love Stories

I am nearing the end of a Master of Liberal Arts program and have been giving a lot of thought to my final project. I plan to write a contemporary hero’s journey – a romance, of course. 409 more words


Pippa's Story to be published

Pippa’s Story

When I started writing the story about the young orphan from Johannesburg who was unexpectedly left an inheritance by her late grandmother, I did not realize how much I would come to enjoy it. 183 more words

Rachelle Du Bois

My Books

Okay, I’m putting myself out there as a writer of contemporary romances, so I suppose I should at least let you, the world, know what I’m up to. 399 more words

Everyday Life

Love at first conference: A review of the Romance Writers of Australia Conference

 Words by ACTWC Blogger in Residence, Bec Fleming.

I have a confession to make. I am guilty of underestimating the romance genre. I suspect I am not the only one. 760 more words