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Pippa's Story to be published

Pippa’s Story

When I started writing the story about the young orphan from Johannesburg who was unexpectedly left an inheritance by her late grandmother, I did not realize how much I would come to enjoy it. 183 more words

Rachelle Du Bois

My Books

Okay, I’m putting myself out there as a writer of contemporary romances, so I suppose I should at least let you, the world, know what I’m up to. 399 more words

Everyday Life

Love at first conference: A review of the Romance Writers of Australia Conference

 Words by ACTWC Blogger in Residence, Bec Fleming.

I have a confession to make. I am guilty of underestimating the romance genre. I suspect I am not the only one. 760 more words


A Real Life Hero

I know a hero when I see one. I write heroes. It’s not often one gets a real life hero placed before your eyes.

Friday night, it’s a sudden death final of the Rugby League in the Allianz Football Stadium in Sydney. 580 more words

Multicultural Romance Tropes: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

(This post first appeared in the September issue of the RWA-NYC newsletter, Keynotes.)

As with any subgenre, multicultural romance has developed a few tropes of its own, some good, some not so good. 322 more words

Series, Standalone or Single Title?

In my last post I wailed a bit about the variety of choices and how mind-spinning it can be to try to pick the best. Of course the problem with trying to choose the best is the danger of not writing anything while you try to make up your mind. 308 more words

Social Media Headache

Okay, so you may have noticed my lil fan page widget has dwindled to a mere 1 follower.

Why you might ask?

Well, it was brought to my attention that my personal and author stuff was not as separate as I had thought. 129 more words