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How I Live Now (2013)

Since this movie is based on a popular Young Adult novel, I am not sure that I can blame the screenwriters, director and actors for this movie being as bad as it is.   359 more words


cancer moon tender bits...

feeling uber sensitive.  it’s scary.  returning to vegetarian eating feels so right in my soul, and it really catapults me into a state of extreme tenderness and vulnerability, psychism and feeling everything without borders.   369 more words


Rocks and Hard Places

You never know when you’re going to have the all-revealing ah hah moment. The moment when suddenly you realize that what you’ve been wanting, and hoping for over a period of months isn’t what’s good for you. 794 more words

The Switch

I have to admit I watched this film expecting to hate it but turned out to be pleasantly surprised.

I love to hate romantic comedies and I really hate children; I find it difficult to relate to people who want kids especially on their own but after the first conversation Anniston and Bateman have I found myself liking Aniston’s character and understanding her point of view.  133 more words

Film Review

Film Review: W.E.

Yep. It’s me again. Settle down everyone.

One word summary: Elegant

One sentence summary: The tumultuous love affair and marriage between King Edward VIII and Mrs. 196 more words



you can tell the world about your broken heart.

and you might think it’ll take you in it’s arms and mend you.

but that’s not how it works. 20 more words


Those sweet moments with you
When I’m sitted next to you
Your head lying on my chest
Just watching movies of football

When I’m lying next to you… 59 more words