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Blog 10: a free for all poem about some aspect of Romani culture (aka: the research poem) (aka: the wild card poem)

My chosen aspect of Romani Culture is the Romani New Year, Vasilica. It’s often called the “Old New Year.” It happens on the 14th of January, instead of January 1st which is the common New Year. 340 more words

Asemanari dintre Moldovenii de peste Prut si plataforma blogger .

Pare ceva banal sa asemanam un popor cu o platforma de blogging, dar o sa vedeti mai departe ce au in comun :D. Pentru inceput vreau sa spun ca in acesta postare o sa fac comparatie intre moldoveni si roamani, dar si intre blogger.com si wordpress.com. 339 more words


Peace... and Rest!

International Roma Day was celebrated in Leigh last night with fantastic young performers and lots of dancing!! The show, New Beginning, put together in just over 2 months, saw 26 young people aged 8-17 take to the stage. 431 more words


Hey, fucker, you came to the wrong neighbourhood!

Ies eu ieri la alergat prin neighnourhood. Danièle nu putea, Xavier nu putea, Didier nu putea. Eu puteam. Nu mi-am spalat ciorapii de sport data trecuta. 370 more words

Meeting a Romani man and a Hungarian peasant woman

In Hungary, deep country, at a bus stop, people began to gather: a Romani man, an old peasant couple, our family of western kids, Ervin and me. 408 more words


Romani Oral Tradition (In Honor of International Roma Day 4-8-14)

Who says we cannot read? We read fringed lines
As they meander across your worn palm
We read the leaf clumps and delicate vines
Clinging to the empty teacup, now calm. 76 more words