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We're in the Leamington Courier!

We are thrilled that the Leamington Courier has published an article about Miss Harwood and our sixth form students amazing experience in Romania.


I vant to suck your blooooood

Yes!  We went and saw the castle that inspired the story of Dracula.  It’s called Bran Castle and it’s in Romania.  At some point on our journey we started to realize that a year just wasn’t long enough to see it all.  336 more words

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Summer at St G's

Let’s pray for all those serving away from St G’s this summer including:

New Wine 3-9 Aug… that they would be encouraged by this United event. 276 more words


Transylvanian charm

Some weeks ago I went to Transylvania, Romania, to visit friends. It was my third time, but I had the same feeling of being in villages and little towns where people is really attached to their land and home. 105 more words


Jackie Chan to open Chinese film festival in Romania

Jackie Chan will open the “Chinese film Festival” on September, 2014. The film festival will be organised this year between 11-18 September in both China and Romania due to a mutual understanding between Romania’s Cinematography Center and the Chinese State Administration for the Media, Radio and TV. 45 more words

Un popor care își batjocorește bătrânii nu merită să existe!

Am văzut și eu de curând știrea cu tanti Maria și mascații. Doamne, în ce țară trăim! Nu pot crede că asemenea oameni există!

Să recapitulăm: Tanti Maria este o femeie de 72 de ani din Suceava. 366 more words

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Life Happens

Life happens while you:

..think of something to wear

..don’t care

..work the extra hours for a promotion

..think of the past

..stay in traffic for 40 minutes to go eat 10 minutes fast food… 117 more words