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Nudism (another poem by Marin Sorescu)


I carry mud with a bucket
For the women who practice nudism.
In my youth I used to have a better opinion
About women;

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Romanian Sutras

Death Maze Challenge (2014)

Even though animation has come a long way, there’s still so much to discover. The formats, the mediums, the people are all evolving, all the time. 2,591 more words


Chess (a poem by Marin Sorescu)


I move a white day,
He moves a black day.

I put forward a dream,
He captures it in battle.

He attacks my lungs,

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Romanian Sutras

Rex Mundi (Poem a day challenge - Day 5)


Eternity is ours to live

Truly happy in our own dream

Elsewhere from this world

Riding cosmic clouds of wonder

Not feeling guilt or remorse… 66 more words


The Unwords (a poem by Nichita Stanescu)


The Un-words

He reached towards me with a leaf like a hand with fingers

I reached towards him with a hand like a leaf with teeth…

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Romanian Sutras

The Lowest Point.


What happens when you’re at your lowest point? Do you have somebody to come save you? any kind of support?

Sometimes you just need to pull yourself out of your own pit and show everyone what you’re made of. 96 more words

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Music box lullaby (Poem a day challenge - Day 4)




Let these whispers fall inside your soul

and guide you through the stars of tomorrow

as you fall asleep, my mirror, myself

without even a cry for help. 62 more words