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Romans 1:27

Reading and teaching the Bible is not to be a sensationalistic thing. God did not give us His Word for us to use it merely to provoke others. 306 more words

Romans 1:24

Have you noticed that when some people apologize they seem to only be sorry that they got caught–they don’t really apologize for having done something wrong. 283 more words

Romans 1:23

When you abandon truth, your mind does not go blank. When someone rejects what is true, he or she ultimate embraces something as “true for me.” In other words, no one lives with an entirely blank slate when it comes to what she or he believes–we all believe something about the universe, about God, about life. 222 more words

Romans 1:22

You’ve probably heard the expression: “Making a fool of yourself.” Sometimes it used to speak about something someone does accidentally; some mishap befalls him and those watching conclude it made him look foolish. 236 more words

Romans 1:21

According to Paul, God has made known to all people some “basics.” Through what He has made, God communicates to all people the truth of His existence. 360 more words

Romans 1:20

Have you ever seen love? You have seen displays of love and, from that can rightly conclude, that there is love. But you cannot see love the way you see flowers or puppy dogs or rain dancing on the pavement or flights of geese soaring in the sky. 284 more words