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Worship Fully: Body, Mind and Spirit

To worship fully means to fully use my being (body, mind, and spirit) in order to worship. To worship fully, I must use my body. I worship fully when my hands and feet act upon what my ears hear at Mass. 1,036 more words



You know the type. You say you’re excited for vacation, they say how much more exciting their vacation will be.  Or in contrast, when you say you’re excited, they dramatize how much they are NOT looking forward to vacation.   415 more words

25 Gifts - Why Jesus? {Advent 2014, Day 9}

A dead giveaway that Santa’s not the one filling the stockings at Christmas at our house, is that there are practical items stuffed in there with silly toys and gift cards and candy. 1,270 more words


I can't shake it when people seem PHONY!!!

I try to follow the Word.  I know it is impossible to keep every command and to remember every example that Jesus set.  I know that I cannot and will not ever come close to His perfection. 288 more words


I love Romans 12

Through church services, Sunday school, and Bible study (in groups and alone), I have enjoyed every moment of time spent in Romans – particularly Romans 12.  523 more words


Overcome Evil With Good

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”

Joseph was loved by his father Jacob more than he loved his other sons. Not only did this get Joseph’s brothers’ backs up, but when he was given dreams to suggest he would be the future ruler of the family, his brothers decide to kill him. 760 more words


God Overcomes Evil

Because God is glorious, we are urged in his mercy to give ourselves fully in sacrifice, a holy sacrifice, pleasing to God. 376 more words

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