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Why the Veil? (part 2)

Welcome! For those of you who haven’t read “Why the Veil, Part 1,” here’s a quick recap: When Jesus died on the cross, the veil in the temple was torn as a visible reminder of what Christ’s sacrifice accomplished for you and me-the opportunity to be forgiven of our sins and the ability to develop a genuine relationship with God (Matthew 27:50-51). 623 more words


Romans' Road

“For the Wages of Sin is Death.”

After the youth group in my Episcopal Church blew up when I was in 8th grade and our youth group leader took the $2k we had raised selling calendars or some such none sense, I figured it was time to try something different.   233 more words


The People You Meet

I expect you all know the meaning of the words arrogance and pride.  Here is what Webster says:

Arrogance: an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people. 1,059 more words


Barriers to Servant-hood #1: Not Understanding What Christ Did For You

When I first decided to tackle and study the barriers to servant-hood, I was thinking maybe one post on barriers…..but oh my goodness!  To date, I have enough stuff for six separate barrier posts, yikes!   1,794 more words

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Romans Road - A Band who Ministers through their music

We recently got to spend some time with the band Romans Road. Great bunch of guys. It was refreshing to talk to band members that are all about ministry. 153 more words