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Lunar Kiss (prelude)

She sat in Coco coffee house intending to thaw herself with a pot of regular tea. As she slowly poured, she stared unblinking at her mobile phone with a vile intensity that she usually reserved for speeding cars, parents screaming obscenities at their kids in the street and those ‘sneaky bastards’ that find their way into coffee shop pre-packed salads; black olives!!!  510 more words


Lessons in true love, adolescence and John Green

Mamma, Hans was not Elsa‘s true love, Re said the other day.

Why do you say that, I asked.

He kissed her because he wanted to take over Arondel, he replied, very matter-of-factly. 901 more words


The Value of Daydreams and Fantasies To a Writer

Growing up you may have been among many of us who were constantly told to stop daydreaming and stop living in a fantasy world. It was something I heard on a regular basis, mostly from adults. 487 more words


10 October 1914

Up at 3.30 to go out on a Patrol with Mackintosh, to see that the country was clear of Germans for the Regiment to move.  Out (with a little cocoa inside) between misty grey fields; very keen eyed at first, searching horizons for picketed Uhlan horses or remains of campfires.  

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The Great War

Morgan O'Neill: The Other Side of Heaven and Time Enough for Love

  Are there genres you think you don’t read? Places you never really wanted to go? If so, you haven’t read the right author–or authors. When you pick up a Morgan O’Neill time travel, you’re picking up the minds, talents and hearts of gifted authors Deborah O’Neill Cordes and Cary Morgan Frates–and treating yourself royally to a new fascination with medieval Italy. 678 more words


Susanne Matthews Presents Her Top 5 Reasons Why...

    I love having authors drop by. We have spotlights for books, we do interviews and encourage guest posts. But this is a Return to Rio first–a “Top Five” list! 3,706 more words


Chapter 042: Spending time avoiding life

Recap: Lyle always wanted to be a writer when he was younger, but he gave up on his dream as the years went by. Now that he’s recently unemployed and broken up with his girlfriend of two years, he’s struggling to find a renewed sense of purpose. 1,491 more words