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Science and romantic love

Neuroscience have charted the effects of romantic love on our brain – and surprise, surprise – the results show romantic love triggers our reptilian brain and another part of our brain, the one measuring gains and losses. 386 more words

The bleary-eyed banshee's guide to keeping love alive

Last week, in the midst of mess, sick kids, sleep deprivation and more work than I could handle, I turned into a bleary-eyed banshee.

“You’re not hearing me,” I screeched at my husband. 567 more words


Romantic Love Is Fiery Desperation.

Don’t burst my bubble. Don’t tell me it isn’t a glimpse of heaven, that it isn’t a beautiful,  remarkable dream. Don’t tell me it isn’t a mind-blowing fairytale… because it is. 2,292 more words

My Philosophical Musings

I Wanna Let My Heart Run Wild!!!

‘Sometimes art doesn’t make sense. It just comes from the heart and it doesn’t have to make sense’ said Beyonce Knowles in her film ‘Life Is But A Dream’ which is an autobiographical documentary on her life. 671 more words

My Philosophical Musings

When you change your perspective, your priorities change.

It’s strange how what we once thought was important, suddenly, from one day to another, moved by chance, our perspective and therefore our priorities change.


Why can't I just sleep.....

….and dream about being chased my monsters like regular people?

Yesterday morning, I woke up in a really frustrated mood. I don’t know why. Sometimes, I find things fester in my mind overnight, so by the time I wake up, I’m stirred up nice and good. 443 more words

Romantic Love

Romantic Love, by Lester F. Ward (1903)

The following essay is from the book Pure Sociology by Lester F. Ward 1903 – PW

Romantic Love

It is the psycho-physiological progress going on in all races that have undergone repeated and compound social assimilation, that has laid the foundation for the appearance (in the most advanced races) of a derivative form of natural love which is known as… 2,472 more words