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The Love Revolution - A New Way of Looking at Love

I am writing a book on loving relationships because I am interested in personal development, personal effectiveness, personal relationships and interpersonal skills. I have developed successful approaches before which I wrote about in the People Skills Revolution. 729 more words

Heart to Heart Love Activation

Sending the color you love to another persons heart – from your heart – to their heart – activates compassion and care between you both.  Visualize a color coming from your heart chakra – between your breasts – to the other person’s heart chakra center.   72 more words

God and Love

Now, I know that at least some of my known blog followers don’t believe in God or organized religion, but I don’t much believe in organized religion myself. 1,512 more words

Easter Eggs

Desire Your Spouse

Spiritual intimacy during sex ultimately depends on that desire to be united with your spouse. And that desire is fed throughout the day–by concentrating on what you love about him, by thinking about him, by flirting and playing with him, by saying positive things about him to others. 140 more words

Changing Habits

Leaves of me

Love does not make me strong.
Ok, it makes me strong, but it makes me weak, too.
It makes me needy.

Please don’t ever leave me. 164 more words


Honeymoon (veils & tuxedos, off)

During their honeymoon
they drank from each other
in rooms
whose beds

were fragranced with spring flowers,
like yellow anemones, irises,
almond blossoms
and bloodroot. 29 more words