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Pues, estoy estudiando español. Te amo.

:> I am just taking chance to practice my new language skill. I am saying I love you in Spanish. 437 more words


5-Star Review of Tally: An Intuitive Life

Review by Diane M. Denton

‘Tally: An Intuitive Life’ celebrates questioning and follows the thread of discourse to illustrate how self-discovery is made by way of life’s journey passing through many destinations. 351 more words


6 Kinds of Love You Must Experience to Live a Fulfilled Life

Life offers many opportunities for expression and fulfilment though the road is not paved with gold and the weather is not always bright and shinning. 1,194 more words

Personal Development

2036. Female Blessings at Birth — 52-54

This is the 18th group of three blessings that accompany women from birth and through the trials and tribulations of life. I’m grateful for your confirmations and the few doubts too; no disagreements thus far down the list. 700 more words

Female Nature

Insecurity and Me

Recently a good friend mentioned that I am actually not as strong as I appear to be, but that I feel a great need to be strong because I am insecure in the need that matters to me most ie being cared for. 400 more words

Romantic Love


Dear Ones,

What a beautiful painting by a gentleman named after William Blake! … Anchises was the mortal lover of the goddess Venus (Aphrodite).

In love, light and joy, 10 more words