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You have me so completely

Thoughts of you surround me
You’re the beating of my heart
The love you give defines me
My life no longer dark
You give your hand so sweetly… 82 more words


The Place I Will Always Call Home


is the feeling I have when I’m with you


is the sound of your voice


is the warmth of your hand holding my hand… 97 more words


Tuổi Đá Còn Xanh Sóng Bạc Đầu, Thơ Hư Vô

Tuổi Đá Còn Xanh Sóng Bạc Đầu

Sóng vỗ lao đao chào tuổi đá
Gọi nhau lời biển đã xanh xao
Tôi còn trần trụi cùng mưa nắng… 139 more words


I'm Falling, Does He Still Care?

At first I thought he was just some guy,
One of those foolish-age crushes,
I practically forgot about him,
It seemed like a long time, 94 more words


you are my world

I carry your heart with me ~ (i carry it in my heart)
i am never without it ~ (any where i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling) 107 more words


Messages... Thơ Hư Vô


Lâu lắm rồi chưa một lần thấy mặt
Chỉ gặp nhau qua lời nhắn trong phone
Em không còn hồn nhiên như ngày cũ 157 more words


The Forgotten Swan Songs

Rippling in melancholy melodies,
Washing past the jagged edges
Of my furtive calf-love,
My girlhood days breathe in a little nook
Of oblivion, a passing phase, 152 more words

The Wings Of Poesy