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Love is...

Love is the blossom
that grows not apart
that winks like a shadow
on the sun’s burning heart

Love is the softness
that tames yet remains wild… 81 more words


Forever Yours, 'Till Sun Burns Out: A Poem

Like lovers arms amidst a fire
So is your love inside my soul
Of whom you think, may I inquire?
Or who is it that makes you whole? 394 more words


Green Eyes: A Poem

Like ocean waves that stroke my shores
Your eyes they gently pull me close
I forget my toil and mundane chores
Knowing you, my heavenly dose… 168 more words


The pause between breaths

Breathe upon
my dark ocean
where boats on land
are consumed
with sea bound longing
Be the coast of dawn
wandering upon
my blue curves… 35 more words


When Memories Rain

I don’t know when the rains started to bleed.

A taste of salty pining, a dash of

Peppered moments and memories, dancing together

Their bodies, clasped, loosening, melting, blurring. 123 more words

The Wings Of Poesy

The farewell - A partida

Today your skin I touched.
I felt your beloved body
and I embraced you

Hoje tua pele toquei.
Senti teu corpo amado
e te abracei. 99 more words

Love Poem

The Midnight Poet and His Lover: A Poem

When I first met her,

That time around New Years,

It took more than letters,

With poems and good cheers.

For her heart she kept, 311 more words