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Last Love

All the storms have passed

Now drying out from the rain

Hope this blooming blossom lasts

As fast as these bruises fade

Been hit by so much hail… 139 more words

Romantic Poem

Two Lost Souls

Surrounded by my haze of darkness,
Covered by my silence,
Frustrated by my muddled thoughts.

There I sat alone,
On that old, uneven staircase,
Until you came and asked me why. 124 more words

Trăng Mật, Thơ Hư Vô

Trăng chiếu vườn em màu dạ thảo
Rót đêm vào tấu khúc tình nhân
Cùng anh cạn chén tương-giang-thủy
Từ môi em mật tẩm hương trầm. 127 more words


Autumn Blues

Once again I come back to

The memories of moist lips and darting black eyes

Return of the autumn blues

Towards Life



Your heartbeat, my heartbeat, trying hard to keep time,

Legs bent, then outstretched, fingers entwined,

Mouths hungry with an appetite of primitive might,

A dance as wild as the sea and as old as the night… 64 more words


Indian Summer

If some day, I could weep the furnished warmth of your tears,

If some day, my own tears could speak with yours,

Radiant blue, opaque, like the tinsel-hued shore of our childhood days. 177 more words

The Wings Of Poesy