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Mind Reader : Haiku

My mind-reader butterfly
Whats in her mind today
I wonder

Towards Life

Grease Monkey

Well, look at you … all sexy … with that grease smeared on your cheek,

your hair mussed, perspiration on your forehead, neck, and chin. 242 more words


Quấn Tóc, Thơ Hư Vô

Quấn vào nhau thật chặt
Cho sát một vòng tay
Tiếng còi tàu man dại
Cắt đứt ngang hình hài.

Nụ hôn vừa chớm ngọt… 145 more words



Life is in a storm of love
I got you in the form of love
Now heart is trying to understand
Romantic norm of love


Rượu Tàn Canh, Thơ Hư vô

Đêm nghiêng vào đáy tách
Rượu tràn theo bóng trăng
Uống nhầm ly nước mắt
Mặn đã giáp đường trần.

Người bỏ người lận đận… 87 more words


Invincible Love Poem

Whenever I am in the mood, I enjoy watching spoken-word poetry. Along with my quest to discover spoken-word talents, I stumbled upon this poem told by an Indian tribe of Southern Alaska to a missionary in 1896. 122 more words


Morning Coffee with An Angel

You came like the wind,
Appear before me
As if it was nothing;
Crashed my house
And yet stoled my bed
Like you’ve known me for… 128 more words

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