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Whats the difference between obsession & love
when passion is the same & fits me like a glove
as i think about
the easiest way to figure my feelings out… 125 more words

Lino Robles


Whats the difference between obsession & love
when the passion is the same & fits me like a glove
I look at you & ask what is there to hold… 111 more words

Lino Robles


She makes me go outside the box
so into her like my two feet in my socks
or more like a surgeon she has my open heart… 147 more words

Lino Robles

#30. A Love-Song For Couples.

Day 14. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: A Love-Song For Couples

May you each dig deep and find self-love so that you can truly love the other person… 426 more words



yes,we bring them back

the living and the dead

the wars we wage are needy

and the fodder must be fed

yes, we slowly beat the drum… 74 more words


Moral Panics

1. How did you get your initial start in music?

We all got our very first push into music at early ages from our parents. We’ve all played in bands before that but for different reasons haven’t worked out, so I guess our start and progression in music comes from personal perseverance within the art. 652 more words

Poem: I Miss Him

I Miss Him

He spoke to my heart, 
I didn’t speak to his. 
He looked like a visual work of art, 
Think eyebrows gleaming, 
Deep eyes only the start  84 more words