Tags » Romantic Poetry

Living Vicariously

It is in young lovers that I see
The thing in life I wish most for me…

That soulful look, that heartfelt stare,
That special something so very rare, 68 more words

T J Therien


We’re just strain
throbbing silence
at full moon. we are
motion and passion,
cold sleep, unique
forbidden fruit
and caress. Shush!
I am and you are… 65 more words

Gavriel Navarro

My Many Lovers

One ravages me standing up like this …

the same old “Dad” our family portraits show,

the first of all who bring this kind of bliss, 90 more words


Sky's Clouds

ೋღ ♥ ೋღ

As sky’s clouds float gently along,
The whispering breeze sings her song.
The scent of flowers wafting past
Brings back sweet moments clung to fast. 82 more words

Festering Away

It’s better to be honest
than to tell a lie
Better to be upfront
than to leave it festering away

No-one understands
why you weave a tale… 124 more words


Constant Rewrite

As the years pass
Things may never change
Stuck in limbo
No escape

But sometimes
You have to force things
Find your way out
Breakout… 51 more words


To Me From You, Part III: Nature's Envy

no wonder that the sunset envies you

your hair and lips transcend its orange and pink

your eyes more gorgeous than the ocean’s blue

skin softer than the fur upon the mink… 77 more words