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The dream can come True

My Feelings that were hidden
Now these feelings can be expressed
Days when it seems like all my hope was gone… 107 more words



I am the corpse that has been rotting
I am the decayed feelings of a decayed heart
I am the last breath of a collapsed lung… 72 more words

Moon Dance

Dance with me in the lurid

bloom of the moon, as He watches

in jealousy taboo….

I summon thee, be swept into the

scent of night, musky, erotic, filling… 129 more words

Romantic Poetry

I'm not alone

The voices outside the walls
They call
But not to me
And they surround and echo
Let go
Release me

I am on my own, but so not alone… 377 more words

Poetry/Short Story


Whats the difference between obsession & love
when the passion is the same & fits me like a glove
I look at you & ask what is there to hold… 111 more words

Lino Robles


The mysteries of your inner workings
Your yang to my yin
Tease me
Bring me to know there is no
Knowing you, really

As much as I can guess what you think… 76 more words


We sit on both sides of the same silent wall

We sit on both sides of the same silent wall

while the world revolves and constellations spin

uselessly ourselves, lone as darkness crawls

waiting for someone to knock and come in

L. Tradii