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Thankful for Hardships

In case you didn’t know, I’m doing several posts this month about being grateful or thankful or whatever you want to call it, in honor of Thanksgiving. 796 more words



I’m in my thirties and I’m studying for my masters in psychology. I am also a homeschooling single mother.

I’m going to go ahead and say it; I like to watch gay male porn. 332 more words

Sex Stories

In the friend zone

I have this “friend” who is a lot of fun. She’s funny, smart, caring and we get along great! We confide in one another. I really value her friendship.
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How Not To Be A Voldemort-Chapathi-Face aka 'Forever-Alone' Zombie.


Now once upon a time, it came to pass that – as I attempt to make meaning out of what someone in a fit of transcendence decided to term “existence” and the rest of us thought “heck, sounds about right” – , that this “Forever Alone” panic has faltered even the most sturdiest of stalwart hearts around me and has hooked into me too, more than once, attempting to tempt me down into its spiraling and self-serving throat of fear, self-loathing and helplessness. 3,258 more words


Mississippi Woman Convicted In Maryland Slaying

ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) -€” A Mississippi woman has been convicted of first-degree murder in the shooting of her neighbor, with whom she was having a romantic relationship. 120 more words


Why We Need to Stop Rushing Relationships

There is a trend in society that I feel needs to be seriously addressed. 50% of all Americans are now single, and while that could be by choice in some cases, I believe it is largely due to a frightening lack of understanding on how relationships are formed. 401 more words

New Chivalry Movement


What I’ve learned from the various blogs and sites that I’ve read is that being in a real D/s relationship is about give and take. In my own experience, I completely agree. 375 more words