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Romance Counts

My fiancé Steve and I see the world differently. He likes to tell the story of how, when we were trying to remember whose toothbrush was whose, he determined ownership by recalling his brush was on the left, mine on the right, whereas I identified our respective implements by color: his green, mine blue. 1,089 more words

Love Story

365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE - DAY 101: What Do You Do In The Valley?

Let’s talk about Valleys, now that we talked about Peaks in yesterday’s post. Valleys follow Peaks, but their depth depends on how you handled the Peaks. 242 more words


Hopelessly in Love? Huh?

It’s possible that, on occasion, I can get overly semantical about figures of speech, phraseology, etc., but I’ve had something on my mind since falling head over heels into my  relationship… 267 more words


PN Eyes his New Target - ME!

The limo dropped everyone at Parker and Erica’s house. The few who were able gave boozy goodnight kisses and drove home. A few diehards, of which I was one, decided on a last few drinks. 542 more words


The Week that Was: A Mega Diary

This blog will cover the period from November 21-28, during which time many things happened. It all started with, of course, a threesome sleepover. The previous weekend, Ben and I met a woman who will be known as Amy. 1,019 more words


Do you wonder if your boo really loves you? Are you in doubt as to whether he is faking his love for you? Inspite of the half-baked fact/fallacy that all men are the same, we all know that in certain aspect of live men do differ. 486 more words

Romantic Relationship