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Ode on Melancholy and Depression

Update: I don’t like doing disclaimers, but I felt it necessary to do so after posting this, and so I add this to the top.  I want to apologize if today’s post is a bit on the rambling side, or if it is perhaps not as helpful or insightful into my mental state as my usual posts.  2,149 more words

Substance Abuse

You The Moon!

Did anyone ever tell You
that You are the most Beautiful
Admiring, amazing, stunning, Glamorous
Creation of Thee God

Did You know that You evoke great words… 165 more words


Indifferent fate, you shan’t entwine

Two kindred spirits in harmony:

Not for divergence you shan’t be mine

For Chance decides what’s best for me.

Won by your vision all I could do… 70 more words

Creative Writing

The Blue Flower, by Henry Van Dyke/Novalis

The longing for the Blue Flower – precious, beautiful, always just out of reach – lies at the heart of literary Romanticism. This image first appeared in Novalis’s novel… 274 more words



Flower, oh how you speak to my soul
In your silence, you allow me to know
About myself and my place in this world
You’re beautiful, with more value than gold



माने इड वुड खीरक कदे नहीं ज़िन्दगी विच वख्या
/’ma:ne: ɪ’ɖa ʋʊ’ɖa ‘kʰi:ɾa ‘kaðe nə’hi:ŋ ‘zɪ̃ðəgi: ʋɪtʃ ‘ʋəkʰja/
(I have never seen such big cucumbers in my life) 1,101 more words

Three Stars