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A Carousel

A carousel!
A carousel!

The parallel parasol
Spinning spinning
Winning the side winding

Never minding
Riding rinds
Those minding unwinding

That cider
That low lighter… 26 more words


A Different Kind of Marble

Nature and architecture merge; life evolves
to cope with man's progress; the trees spring up
through the tarmac; the ivy clings
to new roadside railings; and moss infests the sick-stained gutter,
as we lie and look out through the bars,
cohabiting with prayers and scars. 246 more words

Brilliance Feminine

Sir Thomas Lawrence, (Isabella) Mrs. Jens Wolff, painted 1803 – 1815.  © The Art Institute of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Kimball Collection. 890 more words


Scarlet Cadence

Black rings
Rows of amber blooming
Stainless stylings
Piercing talons
Iron filings

The tracks of future
And past tracks

So fresh almost bleeding… 34 more words


Dreary Stares

Short and dreary
The day is weary for the night shall come.
That ceiling starring stars staring down from afar.
They lay back and watch entranced by the celestial dance. 169 more words



Early eve, and the last golden streaks of light

Are passing through the canopy.

The final hours before day gives way to night

And the glimmer comes to an end. 122 more words


We Dearly Depart

A table of smokers
With blooming plooms of tar and nicotine rising
Into their incandescence
Consumed by the fluorescent sparks

Beauty and Death
A glorious contrast ever so stark… 24 more words