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Comment: Indict the Taliban. Now!

School massacre in Peshawar was a cold-blooded, premeditated murder of innocent schoolchildren, which must awaken international community to the tools it already possesses 

Tonight, the families of 145 Pakistani schoolchildren are mourning. 724 more words


11 December 2014 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS

ICC confirms charges against Blé Goudé: ICC Pre-Trial Chamber I confirmed charges of crimes against humanity against former Ivorian political leader Charles Blé Goudé today, 11 December 2014. 550 more words

News About The Courts

In the Crosshairs: Should the ICC prosecute US officials over CIA Torture?

Although it was relatively well-known before December 2014 that the United States tortured its detainees, there was still a genuine sense of shock about the extent of that torture when the details were revealed. 813 more words

10 December 2014 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS

ICC Prosecution seeks leave to appeal decision not to refer Kenya for non-cooperation: ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has asked the Court to appeal its March 2014, decision not to refer the Kenyan government to the Assembly of State Parties. 428 more words

News About The Courts

Prosecuting War Crimes in Iraq and Syria: Jurisdiction Issues

The Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatou Bensouda, stated in an interview that the ICC is considering bringing war crimes charges against fighters of the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (IS). 800 more words


9 December 2014 - NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS

ICC Prosecutor outlines new policy against gender-based violence: Prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, recently launched the Court’s new policy related to Sexual and Gender-Based Crimes.  266 more words

News About The Courts

That Facebook Privacy Notice you just posted is 100% useless

People of Facebook, please be advised: posting the “Facebook Privacy Notice” to protect your copyright will do NOTHING. I mean, absolutely NOTHING.

Recently, I have seen the following “notice” (or some variation of it) being posted as a status update by many of my Facebook friends (some of them even posting in different languages): 1,313 more words

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