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115 bobby pins and a heart shaped pizza

It’s an uneventful post today my friends, and for very good reason. It’s Sunday, I had nothing but homework to do, and I had an exhausting weekend of traveling, sight seeing, and doing exciting things.. 478 more words

Te Amo

Blame Freud directed by Paolo Genovese (Italy) 2014 follows the challenging pursuit of love by three sisters and their psychoanalyst father. It touches on difficult issues with a light touch, primarily from a woman’s perspective, inspired by American romantic comedy. 81 more words


Ear Plugs and Eye Masks

Here at Geneva College Semester in Rome, half of us have roommates and half of us have our own rooms. We did not know if we would have a roommate or who they would be if we did until we arrived on campus in September. 359 more words

Multi-Colored Poncho

I’m by the Albano lake, which is an half hour of driving from Rome. I’m wearing a multi colored poncho from Silvian Heach, its pattern and its colors caught my attention when I was in the shop. 73 more words

Roamin' in Roma

Ciao ciao,

This past weekend I made the obligatory pilgrimage to Italy’s capital: Roma. Prior to visiting, many close friends of mine warned me that it’s not like Florence, which is the quinntisential picture-perfect image of what Italy should be like. 1,372 more words

Perfect Weekend in Rome Part 1

As I already mentioned in my last post, I spent the first weekend of November in Rome and I wanted to share my experience with you. 691 more words