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What does being Canadian mean?

 What does being Canadian mean to me?  

It means being born in a place so geographically different than other countries in the world.  We are so lucky to be built upon the Great Canadian Shield, a system of lakes, and three oceanic coasts. 502 more words

With Knowledge Comes Responsibility

Several years ago I found myself in a local bookstore. No surprise there. The book I picked up that day, however, did surprise me. Now, I am not one to have my attention piqued by signs that read ‘Bethany’s Best Read’ or ‘Hot Titles Here’ when I enter a bookstore. 1,097 more words

After The Honeymoon

Piggy Ink!

Tattoos are a big commitment. The final decision to get one is generally preceded by a lengthy umming and aaahing process, fielding opinions from all and sundry and changing your mind continuously. 520 more words


Romeo Dallaire: Legacy in the Senate

Romeo Dallaire: Legacy in the Senate

By: Erica Howes

Romeo Dallaire is a name we associate with leading the movement of humanitarianism or as the fearless Canadian who tried to save the broken bodies and last bits of Rwanda. 548 more words


Vote now: Chavril on a potential collision course in Most Overrated Canadian competition

We could see a husband-and-wife clash in the semifinals of our Most Overrated Canadian contest.

Rockers Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are on the same side of the draw and only one victory away from meeting in the final four, but they’ll have to get through some serious competition in the quarterfinals for that dream matchup to transpire. 250 more words


For the record: Romeo Dallaires last speech in the Senate

Romeo Dallaire’s call to arms and condemnation of “huff and puff” or “lecture and leave” diplomacy:

That is why Canada still has a role to play; it simply needs to reclaim its position as a leader in resolving international conflicts and preventing atrocities.

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Blatchford: Romeo Dallaire's last Senate speech a cri de coeur for Canada to step up

There are days when it seems that fully half the world is on fire — neighbour set against neighbour, hate spreading as fast as blood is spilling, gory video after gory video posted online — while the other is in rigid denial, cluck-clucking, offering stern words or, at best, targeted sanctions or aid. 1,068 more words