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The Romney-Palin Ticket

What if W. Mitt Romney (a.k.a. Grecian Formula) is nominated as the Republican presidential candidate in 2016? And what if, as she suggested earlier this week, Sarah Palin joins the race? 528 more words

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A Republican nominee should “lose the primary to win the general without violating your principles.”--Jeb Bush

What a cast of characters! Every view is represented: Jeb and Mitt for the establishment, Ben Carson the doctor, Ted Cruz the radical, Carla Fiorina representing Republican women, Rand Paul the libertarian-lite, John Bolton for the war hawks, Mike Huckabee for the religious right, with Sarah Palin and Donald Trump for comic relief and a host of extras. 120 more words


The Koch Brothers' American Recovery Policy Forum In Palm Springs

According to Politico, Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Marco Rubio of Florida offered an early glimpse of the GOP presidential primary debates at a forum Sunday in front of hundreds of donors affiliated with the Koch network. 294 more words

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Romney May Decide Within Two Weeks


CNN claims that Romney may decide whether to run for president within two weeks.

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Democratic inevitability vs. Republican uncertainty

Inevitability on one side, uncertainty on the other.

I am talking about the American presidential election campaign and about the Democrats, on the one side, and the Republicans, on the other, jockeying for positions as that race, which in America never really ends, is heating up. 373 more words


Even more Humor

(somewhere between Calormen and Narnia)

OOC> Romney says, “Wick recommends that we ignore that I ran into you.

” OOC> Ilgamuth says, “…Pity I wanted to take you hostage” 131 more words


Did Jeb Bush And Mitt Romney Hold A Private Meeting?

A reported private meeting has taken place between two possible presidential candidates this past Thursday between Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. The two met together in Utah engaging in a one-on-one meeting that a Bush spokesperson has confirmed. 357 more words

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