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Romney Versus Obama on Russia

During one of the debates between President Obama and presidential contender Mitt Romney, the issue of Russia and how it fits in the world order was discussed, as seen in the video clip below. 77 more words


Soothing Surprise

After my rough week losing Cleo, I feel like I won the lottery today! Brace yourself for an interesting family connection: My Aunt called last week to tell me that my cousin’s wife’s sister has a small flock of sheep, and doesn’t know what to do with the fleeces. 209 more words


Who's laughing now, America?

Remember the second presidential debate in 2012 when Mitt Romney was laughed at over his suggestion that our country was not prepared to handle the challenges ahead?   30 more words


Malaysian plane crashes, Rebels confess, Obama parties on - Audio

While Dear Leader fills the Democratic coffers and dines on Burgers while Mooch is not around, the world continues to go down the crapper.  I caught Obama’s first embarrassing remarks regarding the crash while he hung out on the 495 bridge outside Wilmington, Delaware. 110 more words


The Fall Of The Last Great Nation

First thing I want to say about the current conditions of the world is that Romney was right, he said this would happen if Obama continued to press his flawed policies on us. 693 more words


'Flacktivists': Democrats still promoting 'rapid response' propaganda initiative [corrected]

We’re pretty sure OFATruthTeam went on the lam after all of those foreign policy predictions for which they mocked Romney ended up coming true. They’re probably hiding out in a remote cabin with AttackWatch. 424 more words

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