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Rope Enough - A Review.

Rope Enough (The Romney and Marsh Files) by Oliver Tidy.  Available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Thoroughly modern murder and mayhem.

Tidy has created a modern Detective Inspector who jogs and collects books – Romney – and his female side-kick named Sergeant Marsh. 531 more words


The Right-Wing(Nuts) Disturbing Defense of Bill Cosby

A few days ago when checking WND (Wingnut News Daily) one of their top stories was proposing the idea that “the left” was out to destroy Bill Cosby because, in a number of speeches, he has been critical of black communities and culture. 158 more words


McCaskill 'not crazy about' Obama immigration order, but says Republicans have forced it

WASHINGTON Sen. Claire McCaskill said Sunday she is “not crazy about” President Obama’s plan to issue executive orders to aid undocumented immigrants, but said that Republicans could avert a potential constitutional showdown by taking up Senate-passed reforms in the House of Representatives. 92 more words


Illinois peeps, check out - Sunday Shows: What We're Watching

President Obama said he would act unilaterally to overhaul immigration policy, an announcement that will dominate the conversations on the Sunday talk shows.. via NYT http://ift.tt/1tVewUS


LA vets demand housing at giant VA campus

“If that land was given to veterans and if we were able to put at least a small percentage of what we’re spending on these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan toward building a facility for homeless and disabled veterans,” Kovic told CNN, “I think it would be one of the most honorable things we could do as citizens and one of the most honorable things that the VA could do to make up for the mistakes of the past.”



Homeless veterans face new battle for survival

Veterans make up almost a quarter of the homeless population in the United States. The government says there are as many as 200,000 homeless veterans; the majority served in the Vietnam War. 17 more words