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“This resonates with me” ~ The Council

The Council

As promised, we will speak of why these messages, meaning those we send through this channel as well as others, resonate with you and where they are meant to take you. 763 more words

The Council

Everything else leads to this ~ The Council

September 16, 2014

The Council

There is one overriding thing which must be addressed by each and all of you. It is a problem which none of you are exempt from unless and until you have completed the path which you currently term ascension. 581 more words

The Council

You have come to what may be termed a crossroads – The Council

by Oracles and Healers

The Councils

It is a time of new beginnings. The channel has begun a new chapter in his life and we will now begin developing a line of information which it is time for you to understand. 754 more words

The Council

Be the truth of yourselves. – Channeled by Ron Head ~ Michael with and for the councils

ART : Archangel Michael


Be the truth of yourselves. – Channeled by Ron Head

August 25, 2014

Michael with and for the councils:

We would speak with you today about a topic which we have not addressed in this space previously.  507 more words

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