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Disney Movies Animate Jewish Writer's Autistic Son

This article was first published in The Times of Israel.

Millions of young people love Disney movies, but few appreciate them quite like Owen Suskind. He has watched every Disney film umpteen times and can recite the entire dialogue from each without error. 151 more words

Calling All Jewish Educators!

Who's Really Normal? Discussing "Life Animated" by Ron Suskind

Every month I pay around $35 for my digital NYT subscription-giving me all access to the New York Times on my computer, iPad and iPhone. Sometimes, I’ve wondered about the bang for your buck with regards to this subscription…am I really getting much out of this? 489 more words

True Stories

Which books have chosen you?

I’ve been waiting for this moment for many years.

Both the boys have been disinterested.  I thought for certain one of them would come around to it.   814 more words


Autism Affinities Project

There is a downside to our always-connected, social media-addled world, but there are plenty of positives, too. One of them: the world has shrunk.

Last week, I began reading Ron Suskind’s book… 660 more words


Speaking Disney

I always think of Jon Stewart as a modern-day Will Rogers.

He and Stephen Colbert are my usual nightly ritual before bed Monday through Thursday. I appreciate (and envy) their wit and biting satire, and how they bring issues to light that the modern-day media doesn’t even touch upon. 263 more words

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