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Megan Mullally Has Some Interesting Advice For Anyone Trying To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Megan Mullally, who is probably the most sexually satisfied woman in America, stopped by The Tonight Show last week to give her brand of “unqualified advice” in this just-released clip. 87 more words


Lessons From...Nick Offerman's American Ham

I love Nick Offerman. I don’t mean that I love his character, Ron Swanson, from Parks and Recreation though Ron is an awesome badass and I am not 100% sure where Nick ends and Ron begins. 296 more words


American Ham: The Latest Stroke of Comedic Genius

American Ham

A comedy special by Nick Offerman

Two summers ago, my family and I took a cruise around Canada and New England that ended in Boston, a place my parents hadn’t been since before I was born and a place where we decided to stay for a few days before heading home. 831 more words


Politics 101: America's Friendly Introduction to Becoming What It Once Was

Hello again everyone,

I am writing this because I believe it is time to turn the tide on what has become “modern day American politics.”  We, as a nation, have become complacent and when shit hits the fan, we wonder “how the heck did this even happen?” and “who do we blame?”  This is meant to be an introduction and I hope to keep it light, but politics is an issue which is close to my heart, so I may get a bit heavy at moments. 454 more words


NICK OFFERMAN - A real man's man

Nick Offerman, of soos meeste van julle hom beter sal ken, Ron Swanson, is verseker een van die most-manly-men in die wereld. En in realiteit is hy en Ron nie so ver van mekaar geskei nie. 63 more words


Treat Yo' Self To A 'Parks And Rec' And 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Mashup

Parks and Trek is what the mashup was invented for. For all its technobabble and bumpy-headed aliens, Star Trek: The Next Generation was basically just a workplace dramedy, so smooshing the crew of… 86 more words


Monday December 8

“While putting out Christmas decorations Telling your Dad about Jo Nan’s suggestion to have him make his fried chicken for the church staff Christmas party! She had his chicken once & has never forgotten it!” 369 more words