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Historical American Flags

Ron Swanson is a true patriot, and isn’t afraid to show it. On his desk, he has small American flags surrounding a Don’t Tread on Me flag. 95 more words


Ron Swanson's Office

This is Ron Swanson’s beautiful office. Let’s explore it together.


Ron Swanson's Vintage Football

Ron’s Desk is a manly inspiration for him when he’s avoiding work. One of his favorite items is his vintage leather football. Unfortunately, we can’t find exactly which football he has, so let us know if you have the inside scoop! 43 more words


Ron's Bacon and Eggs (and Brunette) Poster

Ron put up this poster frame with the wonderful stock photo of a dark-haired woman serving a plate of bacon and eggs. It makes him happy. 109 more words

Wall Art

This Shakespearean Statue Looks Exactly Like Ron Swanson

At Philly’s Walnut Street Theatre, you can find a marble statue that resembles Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman, known for playing the ultra-masculine, ultra-meat loving Ron Swanson. 110 more words

Ryan Gosling, Ron Swanson, the Weinstein Company and how they fit together in my life

Ok, so this is going to be probably a super long post.  But I think it’s interesting and I hope that you do too, and if you stick with me all the way to the end I think you’ll be happy or at least maybe get it.   2,825 more words

There's No Crying in Baseball.....

…..but there is crying in writing.

Worst of all is when it’s not YOU crying, but someone else…a student…because of you, their teacher.


It certainly happens. 518 more words