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Roonil Wazlib - Bookworm

  • Title: ‘Bookworm’
  • Band: Roonil Wazlib
  • Albums: Putting Fluffy to Sleep (2007), Timeturner (2008)
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Harry Potter

Ron Weasley Inspired

Weasley can save anything,
He never leaves a single ring,
That’s why Gryffindors all sing:
Weasley is our King.

Hey guys!

While surfing the internet for random Harry Potter related articles, I stumbled across a little too many pages where people spoke about how they did not like Ron Weasley.

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Random Bits Of Life

In Retrospect - Part 3: The Threshold

It had been the understanding beyond words that had compelled Ron and Hermione to follow Harry out of the Great Hall a week after the final battle. 784 more words

My Short Stories

A-Z Book Survey

A-Z Book Survey

Zoë and Kim put up these two excellent posts about their book surveys, and I LOVED the idea, so I decided to be uber original and copy them! 940 more words


Quote of the Day

“Well, here goes,” said Harry, and he raised the little bottle and took a carefully measured gulp.

“What does it feel like?” whispered Hermione.

Harry did not answer for a moment.  

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Quote Of The Day

In Retrospect - Part 1: Abandoned

Harry had woken, that morning after, with the foolish idea that if he kept his eyes shut and refused to face the music, then Ron would still be in the tent with him and Hermione. 842 more words

My Short Stories

Anvil and the Hints - The Piano Scene

  • Title: ‘The Piano Scene’
  • Band: Anvil and the Hints
  • Album: I’m With Ginger (2011)
  • Original song: ‘Für Elise’ by Ludwig van Beethoven
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