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The Liberal Reagan? Not So Fast.

Andrew Sullivan is fond of claiming that Barack Obama is a liberal version of Ronald Reagan. James Freeman throws an appreciable amount of cold water on the notion: 345 more words

America and Foreign Policy: We've Gone From "Ronnie Raygun" to "Steve Urkel"

We all remember the first time we went into a voting booth and got to pull the lever for the candidate of our choice.

I was especially blessed as a 22 year old college senior. 825 more words


The Reagan Crack Arms Drugs Contra Iran Los Angeles Journey

The Reagan-Bush Era
Iran Hostage Crisis Subterfuge
’October Surprise’ And ‘Iran-Contra’
“…. the Republican Party to go to extraordinary lengths to manipulate the popular vote…. 19,852 more words
Alec And Hemp

“If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with” on UNIV Berkley war protest CA. They want food, Poison it” RonaldReagan #Obamacare

Alec And Hemp

Progressive Puritans

How the once-transgressive left tries to criminalize fun

For Reason.comMatt Welch writes:  When I first started hearing people on the political left describe themselves with some frequency as progressive back in the 1990s, the term did not seem tethered to the epoch-defining, early-20th-century spasm of moral crusading and government centralization that helped give us everything from trust busting to Prohibition to the Federal Reserve. 675 more words

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We are Embargo-ites! We fight Washington to End the Cuba Embargo! Tear Down This Wall!

Hello  Embargo-ites!

It’s been 56 years, 12 Presidents. The Cuban People aren’t Terrorist! The People of Cuba love Americans. Ending the Cuba Embargo will be our Generation’s Line in the Sand. 352 more words